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Monday, September 7, 2009


Tonight the Art & Aesthetics Committee held a fund raiser aboard the Rose Lummis. We need to update a billboard that is the Southern Gateway to our village and thought this would be a fun venture.
Everyone was to arrive at 6:45, ready to depart at 7 sharp.
It worked out just right.
Mel and Herb had the need to make a grand entrance.
Roger and Ray were less attention getting when they arrived.
Margay and Ulpi were well dressed for the occasion.
Bill and Gary supervised the scene.
Gary told Helen (Mel's wife) that he was waiting for the big hug tonight....and he got it!
These two gentlemen were the presenters for tonight. Jack, on the right, did a wine tasting and Bill gave us a slide show on the Erie Canal.
Alicia was the host(ess) and kept things running smoothly.
45 of us signed on for this two hour tour...
It was a blend of the usual suspects.
When we boarded, the downstairs was a bit stuffy, so about 20 0f us went to the upper deck.
Jenny was prepared for a relaxed evening after a VERY busy day.
We passed all kinds of people walking, biking and boating. We waved...they waved.
There was a huge barge parked between Brockport and Holley.
A great night for a boat ride.
This is the ship's first mate. What a sweet pup.
Fortunately, all 8 wines were brought upstairs, so nobody missed out on a thing.
Meanwhile, the downstairs was abuzz....

Mike just retired from his position of Dean of Students at Brockport High School....and he does not have to go to work tomorrow.
This is my good friend (Miss humming bird) Kendra. She travels more than anyone I nice to have her here for this event.
It didn't take long for it to get dark....
The night sky was almost purple.
There were many boats docked in Holley.
The place looked gorgeous with all the lights and activity.
All the bridges are very well lit.
They raised the bridge in Brockport...our last, around 8:55.
Bright colors everywhere....
All the cars had to wait patiently as we passed under.
After we docked, the winner was announced for a basket valued at over $350. Our friend Carrie was the the lucky one. Nice!
By the way, after the wine tasting, coffee and cookies were served during Bill's presentation. A very fun night.


Anonymous said...

Lori----thanks for the pics of the boat trip----I am so out of the loop after this surgery that it's great to see what I'm missing-----looks like a wonderful evening with so many of my friends----Sara

Frank said...

Lori, that looks like it was a very, very nice evening filled with good people enjoying a really fun cruise.
Wonderful shots of the entire event (as you always provide. It is just like joining you for the ride, good times and friendship.)I'm jealous.