Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Flower City Half-Marathon

When the sky was bright red at 6am I knew we were in for some weather.
Fortunately Karen took care of chores.

I had to meet Greg to catch a ride into Rochester as we were drumming (7th year in a row)
at the Flower City Half-Marathon.  We left at 6:40 and the race started at 7:30?  The first runners did not get to us until around 8, and shortly after that it started to rain.  Fortunately we had a little tent thingy over us or we would have had to stop to save our drums.
 We are placed at the top of a very long hill and the runners are motivated when they hear us.
By the time they get there,  many say thanks and give us a thumbs up.

Some even dance.
 Was this guy a trooper or what?
 Just before the last runner came by, the skies really opened up and we were slammed.
Pity the people in the race.
 By the time I got back to the farm we had rains heavy enough to leak into a bedroom and the library.  Hopefully the roof will be repaired in the next couple of days.
Karen was kind enough to come back to the farm by 9:30 and put the horses in.  They were wormed this morning, then got soaked, turned back out by 12:15 and had to wear blankets as it was 37 degrees and very windy.  That red sky did it.
At 12:30 I went down to the gallery for our Sunday Jam.
 We are playing at the Canal opening on May 13th and were trying to get our ducks in a row.
I got home in time to make a good dinner.  
Chicken Helen, mashed potatoes, a carrot/apple/craisin salad and leftover salad from last night.
I had chore duty tonight and the girls were happy to be tucked in.

 Now all is quiet on the western front...
 we have a fire going....

and I am headed out to the kitchen to watch another episode of "Border Town."
Night all.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Home On The Range...

A chilly day.
At 7:30am Gary was outside with a roofer as we need to have work done after it was damaged by the windstorm.  Looks like he can come back in the middle of next week.
Who knows when the barns will get done.
 As you can see, most of the leaves are out now.

 We also have these beautiful blossoms and I can't ever remember what they are called.

 The grass has been growing like crazy so I mowed the lawn and outside the back pasture fence.
 The girls like this bugs today.

 The pups were in and out all day, helping me work in a couple of the gardens.
Weeds, weeds and more weeds.

 We had a simple pizza for dinner.
Sauce/onions and cheese.
This time I made it on a cookie sheet so the crust would be thinner and crispier.

 I was able to slide it right out of the pan onto a cutting board that is just the right size.
 Delicious.  We had dinner theater and started watching a new Netflix series.
 Can you believe the position Phoebe was in while she ate her dinner?

 I had chore duty tonight.

 We had about 15 minutes of sunshine before the sun went down...
 and Gary continued replanting strawberry plants.
 I'm loving these tulips.
Night all.