Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Gorgeous sunrise....
Chores as usual.

I have a question. Is anyone else having difficulty posting photographs? It has taken me hours to do this tonight (last night too). I just don't have the energy to stay up any later to put on more pictures.
Class this morning. Nice to have Sandy back...Tina is about finished with her drawing...Donna, Sandy and Jean have started new projects. I will post their work when it is not so difficult...sorry computer has been driving me CRAZY!

My dirty pups were sacked out.
By 12:20 I was on my way out to the be continued below.


Gary, Jen, Finn, Coop and I drove out to Lake Ontario today. It was very hot and this was the place to be. When we arrived at the Botts, not a soul was around....figured they went to get their boat. Finn was the first to see them approaching.
The water was as clear as a bell and not too cold.
They anchored off shore and we walked out with towels, life jackets, cameras etc.
The boys absolutely love going to the lake.
They each had a chance to drive the boat. Topper was so good with them.
Cooper drove most of the way to a nearby cove where we stopped for a swim.
It had to happen's Topper taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.
On the way back, Finn drove.
Spending time on the water takes me back to when I was a kid and lived on Chautauqua Lake.
There's nothing like it.

It was the day of the kayaks...
Carol just got a new one last night and I was the first to try it. So well balanced and easy to slice through the water.
She was next...Jenny and I followed in a two man kayak.
Then it was Jenny's turn. So peaceful.

We are very grateful to Carol and Topper for sharing all of this with us. A magnificent afternoon.


Barb (Dream's owner) was visiting her horse a couple of days ago and took these shots of Tina and Mr. Sandman.
Sandman has only been hooked a couple of times, and he was just perfect!

Tina is ready to do this on her have a bomb proof horse makes it so much more enjoyable.

Barb also drove and I hope to try him out sometime.... What a sweetheart.

Monday, August 30, 2010


6:30 am looked like this. The color of the sky was my first clue that we were going to have some heat and humidity.

Berlin was waiting for me this morning. I went out a little early and finished chores in no time.

Next on the agenda was mowing the lawn. After that, Wegmans. I left out a whole lot of photos, as something is goofy with uploading and it has taken me hours to do very little.
Of course I broke into a sweat doing evening chores. Gary was kind enough to go to Alvin's to pick up 4 barrels of shavings so the stalls were freshened up. When I let the horses out after they had their grain, they did not want to leave the barn.
It was very bright....almost 7pm.

I'll make up for this tomorrow...if blogger is in gear.
Night all.