Sunday, July 31, 2022

Ronin's Third Day

I love being able to leave the windows open.

This morning the ponies were much nicer to each other....especially Rebel(rouser).  He was not trying to boss Ronin around so much.

Ronin gets a lot of grain...way more than Rebel (around 2 cups) and Seamus (a handful of Sentinel Senior and 3 big spoons of beet pulp).  This morning he left quit a bit so Janet brought it out to him.
His breakfast was served.
She is such a good Mom!

As long as Ronin could see Rebel and Seamus, he was happy.

This was his first time in the grooming room and he needed a little time to adjust to the new space without his buddies.

Jenny and Scott stopped up and before leaving they went out the paddock so Scott could meet Ronin.

I was very impressed that Seamus let Jenny take off his mask.  Sometimes he is very sensitive around his head.

Tucked them all in for dinner.  Tonight Janet led Ronin over to the barn and let him go by the aisle to his stall.  He walked right to it.  What a sweet boy.
We had leftover Mac salad and some pickled beets for dinner.  Nothing special.
A very nice day, and I am happy with the progress being made with the horses.
Night all.


Saturday, July 30, 2022


A beautiful day in the 70s with very low humidity.

It's going to take awhile for Ronin, Rebel and Seamus to get in a comfortable groove.

Naturally, The Rebel wants Ronin to know that he is in charge and Seamus is his pony.

While they were figuring things out, Janet and I moved all the bedding from Ronin's first stall to the stall next to Seamus.  It worked out well and I'm sure his feet are loving it.  Having company has been great for me.
Rebel has been naughty, but is improving.  He thinks charging Ronin's gate is sending him a strong message about who runs the joint.

After chores I went out to the garden and picked ...
an entire bucket of yellow beans.  So far I have shared them with three people and will blanch the rest tomorrow.
Our San Marzano tomatoes are starting to get big.

I also picked a few cucumbers and
even found some strawberries for my cereal tomorrow morning.  I have been eating the best, huge blueberries for days, given to me by my friend Hanny, who must pick over 75 quarts a year at her daughter and son-in-laws farm.
Gary had Doug N. come up to rototill part of the garden (where the garlic was).  Next year we are going to go small!  Real small.  After harvesting 1100 garlic plants, we are now getting into about 400 onions and a never ending supply of yellow and green beans.  The peppers are big enough to eat and I pickled some beets today.  It's hard to keep up with cucumbers and the yellow squash.  Me must have 50 tomato plants.  This week Gary, Randy, Jen and Scott are going to make dill pickles.  Maybe tomorrow.
By this afternoon the three amigos were having some peaceful moments grazing.

I was told that we had to wait 24 hours until we could use our new showers and this afternoon I finally got cleaned up.  What a nice change.  I love the glass doors.
Gary uses the upstairs shower and he chose to have a shower curtain.  He will initiate it as soon as he finishes moving some mulch.  That bathroom is classic farmhouse.
Janet come up for evening chores and it did not take us very long. I will go out again and check on the ponies later.

Macaroni salad on a bed of greens for dinner.  Simple.
Night all.