Tuesday, November 30, 2010


As in...I didn't use my camera very much today....

Just plain ugly out there this morning.  Grey and chilly with rain off and on.  The temp was on it's way to 50 degrees, so off came the Rambos and on went the rain sheets.  And guess who made a surprise visit this morning...Barb!  And did she help with chores?  Of course!

I put hay under the shed roof and in two run-ins.

Just when I thought about putting them in the barn, it stopped raining. 

Ran a couple of errands before class.  Had four students today...all were busy.

Current and past students are coming to the Farm this weekend for our annual dinner with spouses.
Pot luck with all kinds of great dishes.

I just was not in the picture taking mode today....

So while Barb had evening chore duty, we all vegged.


Gar and I went out for a simple dinner and were home before 7.  It's still raining and all I want is to sit in front of the fire.

Night all.

Monday, November 29, 2010



A nice entrance to the day....

Gar went down for coffee and a walk...I did chores solo.  Was on automatic pilot.

Then, the cats entertained me and I did the post below.  After that, it was time for a bike ride.  We can't have too many more days like this.  Only took a few pictures.

I love this stone house...the grounds are meticulous too.

The other day when I rode and it rained, they were taking Christmas Trees out of the farm below.  They spend a lot of time pruning, and it shows.

Now there is an even bigger mountain of logs down the road.  Ed and his partner are going to be splitting wood into eternity.

Home again, home again....

Not the longest ride, but at least I got out there.

and today's more way to have turkey salad...with thin sliced apples, lettuce and cranberry orange relish.  I'm pretty much turkeyed out.

Ran a couple of frustrated trying to get some photos printed (for a small book) at the UPS store...finally back home and got ready for dinner with Jen and the boys (it's Monday).

The late afternoon sun was brilliant, but by 5 o'clock it was pretty dark.  Did evening chores.

Had just enough time to finish dinner before the crew arrived a little after 6.
We had burgers, oven roasted white and sweet potatoes and Jen brought a salad with sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts.

The kids ate like champs...

 Then we played a couple of games of Sequence and they were ready to go by 7:45.

 Finn took a picture of Cooper....

and Coop took a shot of Finn...

A very cozy evening.

As for tomorrow, it is supposed to start raining and should continue through Wednesday.  This does not make me very happy as the front paddock just started drying out.

Tea time.
Night all.


Bermuda..."I'm not going anywhere with you young things."

L'orange..."The cover is off the water trough...let's get a drink."


Sidney..."It's not all that easy to balance on these fence boards."

L'orange..."You guys are just squirts...and probably can't reach."

 Seymour..."What if I fall in?"

Sidney..."It's too cold for a swim."

Seymour..."I'm passing on this one."

Sunday, November 28, 2010


L'orange was waiting for us out in the barn this morning....this grey, cold morning.

Gary and Barb helped with chores again...very nice!

The front paddock was dry enough for me to set hay out there.  I want the horses to pound it down before the ground really freezes.

Sidney was modeling for me.

And then along came the big boy.  They actually are doing pretty well together.

Gary and Randy were going for a walk down at the college and I decided it would be a good opportunity to go for a bike ride...

We parked at the Alumni House.  It was in the low 30s and a little wind kicked up.  But! I still had on my barn clothes (including long underwear) and was quite prepared...Hat, warm jacket and gloves.

I love my bike and my butt is finally getting used to being on that seat....

And now for a tour of the State University College at Brockport campus.

There is a mall that runs through the center of the campus.  The whole place was deserted as the students had not come back from the Thanksgiving break.  While the guys were out on the sidewalk, I chose to go this way.  Of course it would look a lot nicer if I took these pictures in the spring or summer.

This is the Seymour Union.  Cafeteria, separate restaurant, radio station, ballroom, lounge and much more.

There is a huge area in the middle of the mall where they hold many interesting events.

Looking to my right, (down some stairs and across the street) is the Tower Fine Arts Building.  They just finished a year of remodeling.  There is a great theatre in there.  2 galleries too....and classrooms...and offices.

Toward the end of the campus there are several high rise dormitories.

There are trees and gardens everywhere.

This is a huge campus with a lot of green areas.  They turned one of them into on campus apartments.

They were beautifully designed.

We should have such places in the village!

There is a huge construction project going on near the Phys. Ed. buildings.  It will include everything from an indoor track to a huge area for holding concerts, graduation etc.  We already have an indoor skating rink, racketball and handball courts, an olympic size pool, basketball courts, a great workout area (open to the public and fully equipped)...and a lot more.

Gary and Randy were walking at a pretty good clip and I was having a gay old time riding in and out of places.

Below is the Administration Building.  Gary worked there for 15 years in Admissions and Student Employment.

Out front is a huge sculpture donated to the college in 1979 by a Russian artist.

They built a cross walk over the road to connect the library and the physical education facilities.  Perfect for our winters.

The library is huge and houses a cafe.

This is the other sculpture donated to the college during the 1979 Special Olympics that were held here.  The place was full of the Kennedy's and many other Ali, Hank Aaron, Christopher Reeves........+++++

This is the plaque presented along with the sculpture.

We looped back around the new student housing and I discovered this pond.  Never knew it was there.

Passed by the information center.

And the Admissions building.

Back to where we started and then home.

Here's where the more part comes in....more turkey.  This time it was in the form of turkey salad.

We had a fire going and all were in a cruise mode.

Jenny and the boys came up for a late lunch and some exercise....

After they ate, Cooper pooped out on the couch.

 Finn watched football.  Every week he writes down all the teams playing and makes his picks.  Today he was right on 6 out of 7!

Jen went for a walk and came back for some hot tea and quiet time.

The sun was going down and it was almost chore time.

The ponies were ready for dinner.

Jen came out to help with chores and Finn joined us.

Look who was still sleeping!

I'm finally finished.  Night all.