Sunday, November 14, 2010


Between 6:30 and 7:30 this morning.

Before I went out to the barn Sidney decided to serenade me on the piano.  Gary came into the library and wondered what the heck I was doing.

Barb helped me with chores this morning.  It was beautiful when we started and grey by the time we finished.

When we finished, I dragged the indoor and outdoor rings.  Jenny, Barb and I were riding later.

Gary continued to work on the roof and I drove down to Apple Creek Farm to mow the lawn.  This should be the last time for the season.

Got some apples for the horses and us!

Jack and Louise have a few trees that are not picked in the orchard they lease out...There are not too many apples left.

and the ones still on this trees are huge! Those that fall on the ground are still perfect.

This afternoon Jenny, Barb and I all managed to show up at the same time to ride.  There were so many orbs in the photos I took.... decided to play around with photoshop.  Someday I am going to do my entire post this way....so artistic.

Abbe and Berlin

Jenny and Abbe



Barb and King Mustafa
Berlin is always a doll...I rode bitless and had to use my old saddle, a Steubben Tristan (Dressage).  It has to be 25 years old and is in mint condition.  Almost 10 years ago I bought an Albion SL Dressage saddle that was fit to Berlin.  It's like sitting in butter and so comfortable.  Minor detail, Abbe has a fairly flat back and the Tristan just does not fit her properly...so Jenny gets to ride in the Albion, which works beautifully and I'm in the golden oldie.  (I must say, it still fits Berlin and felt pretty darn good).  Last week, when Jen rode Abbe with a hackamore she was very naughty (gee, I guess it was because she has been on vacation too long).  Today we put her French Snaffle on and she was much better.  Even worked on a loose rein part of the time.  Barb was already on Mustafa when we got into the arena...he was his usual terrific self.  As you can see, he is ridden bareback.  Barb can walk, trot and canter him (17'2/1325 pounds) and he is a perfect gentleman.  She is a peanut and they have a beautiful relationship.

When we finished and went back to the grooming/tack room....Masterpiece walked in with us for some attention.  Currently 31 and gimpy...he is still has an amazing spirit.  Our kids were there when he was foaled, not knowing that we would buy him at 20 months old.  First horse.  Even with his bum knee, he still has quality in his life and that is good enough for me.  He eats like a little piggy, and even tho he can hardly bend his leg, gets around.  Unfortunately, he thinks he can canter and it gives us heart failure.

He and Jenny are a pair.

Those darn orbs won't stay out of my pictures!

Did evening chores and came in for dinner.  Jenny brought us some lasagna she had made.  Lucky us.

Made a quick salad and we were good to go.

We were in the high 50's all day, but rain has now arrived.  It's not even 8pm and I'm through with this post.  Time for some hot tea.
Night all.  It was so nice to get in some riding today.  Thank you Jenny and Barb!


  1. Beautiful morning Lori. My favorite is the one with the weathervane. So pretty!!

  2. You are amazing at documenting your days! I love these pics and these horses (esp.) so much!

  3. P.S.Oh, and the apples and the sky--wow! I'm allergic to cats or else I'd probably pay more attention to them. . .

  4. Gorgeous sky pictures. I love a freshly dragged arena, it just invites a ride. So glad you got to go for a spin with friends. That's wonderful that the saddles still fit. Your Masterpiece is special, what a lovely horse. You can tell how much he loves and is loved.

  5. So sorry that I haven't been able to say hello in a while.

    Needless to say, I loved this post, beautiful and enchanting...



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