Saturday, October 31, 2015

Getting Down To The Wire....

Va Va Voom!
What a fabulous sunrise.

We had a super hard frost last night....almost looked like snow.

 After chores, Gary and I ran a couple of errands and then went to A Different Path Gallery to help take down our art show (that has been hanging for the past month).

We were immediately greeted by Fiona, who was waiting for a party to start.

 So adorable!
 From there we had lunch and then drove over to Robb Farms to buy some

 Honey Crisp apples!
 The local newspaper came out today and there was a huge (full page) endoresement
ad in it.  Pro Brockport was formed in 2010 and their goal is to promote positive living in the Village of Brockport.  This is the second ad they have placed for us and I appreciate their support.
They have a long list of accomplishments that have lead to a better 
quality of life for our residents. They are as committed to our community as we are.
Needless to say, this does not please our opponents.
 This afternoon I made another batch of applesauce...we have bushels and bushels of apples that are organic and delicious.
Gordy B. brought up his tractor to rototil the gardens in preparation for the planting of garlic.
 I hurried through evening chores so I could watch the Breeder's Cup.
 Had made some pickled eggs, which we had for dinner and then forgot to take pictures of our meal.
Oh well.  These babies were delicious and tomorrow I will make more.
 American Pharoah ran a perfect race.  He looked good when it was over and deserves to retire...
such a beautiful boy.  The crowd went crazy when he won.
 Night all.

Today our last mailing arrived.  Enough!
 Now it's a waiting game.  I'm sure people already know who they are going to vote for and there is nothing else we can do.   We have been working on this since April and there was so much to learn.  One thing I do know, is that my running mates are two very honest and capable women who are up to the job.  The three of us are very committed to our community and want to bring back some integrity to the Town Board.  For most of the past 150 years we have had a one party system with no checks and balances.  What's so bad about having a 2nd opinion and working together?



 Fiona is not so sure about those punkins.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Morning, Mud and Mowing

Very cold this morning, with a beautiful sunrise.

 Right after that, it turned grey and stayed that way much of the day.
We had a high of 49, but the wind made it feel much colder.

 The outdoor arena is full of water
 and the paddocks are very muddy.
 I ran a couple errands this morning, but spent most of the day at home.
Mid afternoon the sun came out and I decided to mow the lawn.

 Got it done just as Karen arrived to do evening chores.

 Leftover delicious French onion soup for dinner.
 And a salad....of course.
Night all.

Here's my plug for politics today.
The way you run for office is a reflection of your character.
Right now, our opponents are printing outrageous lies about us
in a very unprofessional way.  Two of them are on the current Town Board
and just might have to work with one of us!  Good grief!  How do they expect 
to have any kind of a working relationship when they continually throw
integrity out the window. 
  But!  I guess it's the dance that goes with the 
territory and I'm their favorite target.  I have encouraged our residents
to view what they have written so they can have a better sense of who
is representing them.
If you want to be entertained:

Just for the record, my fellow candidates and I think it is long past 
the time for a two party system.  We are ready to take the Town
government in a new direction and the good old boys don't want 
that to happen.