Tuesday, July 31, 2012


 A different kind of morning.
 Meet Brittney!  Stephanie and Jennifer gave her to us as a gift for the next month and she will help us for an hour and a half three times a week.  Boy does she do nice work.  First she helped me in the barn dumping the wheel barrow and raking...then she attacked the end of the driveway, where I had cut down some tall weeds and half dead day lilies.  What a gift from our two very thoughtful daughters.  I still can't believe that Gary and I are both out of commission at the same time.
 I saw this little guy on my way to the studio and thought I would try a macro shot for a change.
 Only four students today....their work was amazing.

 It's a good thing we had a couple of fans going, as the temperature was climbing by the minute.

 Had lunch and got hooked into watching the Olympics.  Tried to take a nap....made myself get up and go down to Christina's World for a swim.
 I was in the water for 15 minutes when it started to rain (the sun was out).  The sky started to change and I could hear thunder in the distance so I gave up.
 A very simple dinner tonight.
 Not in the mood for fancy.  We talked about Sandy's potato salad during class earlier
and I just had to make some.
Before we ate, the temperature dropped 20 degrees and a monsoon blew through.  A major downpour with thunder and lightning, so I went out and waded through the paddock so I could put the horses in the barn and close the doors to the indoor and run-ins (that were getting soaked).

I am so tired of being tired!  Had some good news tho...they tacked on 8 more physical therapy sessions through my insurance company and I am going to take full advantage.  What a long haul this has turned into.

Of course I am on my way to the couch.
Night all.

Monday, July 30, 2012


 The weather was perfect this morning.
I had a little burst of energy and did some cleaning up with the hand mower.

 Picked up some groceries at Wegmans after chores and ended up at the pool a little before 3.

 Tina and DJ came out just as I was leaving.

 Swimming really serves as an outstanding warm up before I go to Physical Therapy.

 My appointment was at 4 and I did not get home until chore time.  I'm starting to feel a little more flexible and am moving more freely.
 Lily loves to go into Sidney's territory so she can harass him.

 I'm happy to say that Phoebe is now eating and seems to be back to her normal self.  
What a relief...she is such a sweet girl.

When I finish chores my feet are filthy so I have to wash them and my crocs off under the hydrant.

No cooking this evening....we went down to the Golden Eagle for  dinner.
Back to the Olympics.
Night all.

and now from Croatia...
two more shots from my beautiful cub reporter.
 She said that the water is very clear!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


"Get up people!"
 Morning light....

 After chores I dragged the indoor and mowed the outdoor arena.
 Then, we were off to Java and the Farm Market.

 That's my friend Sally crossing the street.
Gary went into the Lift Bridge Book Shop to pick up his Sunday paper.
 Then it was pool time and I took a blurry picture.
 Picked up Finn and Cooper on the way home as Jenny had a lunch date.
 When she picked up the boys, she delivered Gar to his duty at the Welcome Center.
Mowed the lawn and watched the Olympics from the couch...went down to pick him up at 4:15.
 There was some activity there today.

Home and had no energy.  Eventually I went out to do chores.  A beautiful evening.

 We had a big salad for dinner.  The romaine, pepper, onion and cherry tomatoes were
from our garden.

Right now I feel as stiff as a board and need a hot shower.
Night all.