Wednesday, July 4, 2012


 Yep.  You guessed it.

 Right after chores I put on my swimming suit and hightailed it over to
Christina's Garden of Eden.
 My first chance to get in the water and do some therapy!  Wow.  What a difference.
 As per usual, the landscaping was divine.
 Sandman was out in the pasture...Dream must have been in the barn by the fan.

 The flower boxes were beautiful.
 As was DJ, who is always show ready.
 I did my thing for about 45 minutes and will hopefully be doing PT there regularly.

 Rested at home for awhile, then went down to the Morgan Manning House (historical society) for their 4th of July celebration.
 Jenny and all the kids were there to participate in a Cakewalk.  Do you know what that is?

 This is Mary Pat.  You must remember her as she is my favorite model.  She was in charge of getting people to make the cakes for this event.  (There must have been 30 or 40).
This is the one she made.

 I was happy to see Eugenia here from New Mexico.  You have met her sister Alicia before...she is the presiding president of the historical society.
 This is how it works.  They put about 35 boards with numbers painted on them in a circle on the ground.  You stand on one and each time you play you must put a quarter in a hat.  Then, our friend Greg K. sets himself up in the middle of the circle and plays the drum while the participants walk from number to number.  When he stops, you must stand on the number nearest to you.

Numbers are drawn from a bucket and the winners receive a cake.
 Jenny and the kids made this one and donated it to the event.

 Ariana and Finn both won cakes.
 We were all back home by 3:30 and the heat was unbearable.  After a few days of high temperatures our house knuckles under and it gets mighty warm...even with the windows closed and the fans

Once again I iced my knee and cooled it.
Gary started chores and then I dragged myself out to the barn.

 I'm sure Gucci and Phoebe can't wait for their next haircut.
Can't wait to get back in the pool tomorrow morning.  Think I will go before 
Physical Therapy.
Night all.


Oak Creek Ranch said...

Similar days for us -- except I didn't get to go swimming. But, I did win a cake in the raffle! Whee!!

Carol said...

The pool and landscaping are beautiful and look very inviting. You must love going there.
Here is Nova Scotia there was a bit of an uproar when it appeared that the School Board was banning cake walks because cakes aren't healthy. Isn't that silly? Needless to say, that 'rule' didn't last long :)
Happy 4th!

Nancy J said...

You have all had a truly great day. Love the little cakes all set out on the tray. Do hope the pool is cooling and healing therapy in your hot days. Cheers from Jean.

Terry said...

What an inviting pool. Hope the pt goes well.

Dreaming said...

Christina's yard and flowers are beautiful. She must work very hard at it!

Gayle said...

The planters are beautiful... I need to do more trailing plants... that looks so nice.

I wouldn't mind sweltering heat for a day or two. Be thankful you don't have rain. We are in our third crappy summer in a row! Blah!

Twenty-five cent cake walks? Nice. When they do them at our Halloween carnival it is $1 a try!!

Looks like you all had a good time.

ann @ studiohyde said...

It's so nice when people come together for an event like that and the cake walk looks such a great idea.

allhorsestuff said...

Loved festive. Cake walks are GREAT!Neat Snare that was used for the music. My man has a natural one like that.

Your HEADER is perfect!
Christina has such a lovely, lovely garden and pool . Just in time for your therapy to continue!