Thursday, September 30, 2010


It rained when I walked out to the barn....

It rained when I turned the horses out....

The kittens stayed on the porch because it was raining....

The doors were open at both ends of one of the run-ins so the horses would want to get out of the rain (and didn't).

Pony would not get under the shed roof so I locked her in the back stall of the horse barn run-in while we left the farm for awhile.  She was just getting too wet.

When we met Jenny for lunch at the Light House there was a torrential downpour....

When we got home, the horses were out eating grass and Pony was not happy so I let her the rain.

When the rest of them saw me, they came up to the barn thinking it might be time to go in.

They love rolling in the indoor when they are soaked.

What a mucky mess.

Gary went down to pick up Finn and Coop when they got off the school bus.

I started a fire and got things ready for dinner.

Obviously, Seymour and Sid had never seen one.  When I opened the door to put in the wood, they thought it would be a nice place to explore.

The room heated up quickly and it was nap time.

When the boys arrived they wanted to get under some covers on our comfy couch.

The pups and kittens would not leave them alone.

As it was almost 5 and it was still pouring, I decided to put the horses in early.  They were lookin' lovely...

Dinner time!  Pancakes, sausage and homemade applesauce.

By 7:05 the rain stopped and the sky looked like this!

As if they did not have enough to eat...the boys wanted popcorn. 

Finn did his homework and then it was time for Sequence.

Finn won the game and Coop packed up the popcorn to go.

Checked out the ponies...Barb was out there.  Now it's couch time....I'm so glad the rain stopped.
Night all.


Manifests October 22 at 7:30 p.m.
at A Different Path Gallery
on Market Street in Brockport, NY
Sean Thomas Dougherty and Tom Holmes


Wednesday, September 29, 2010


A gorgeous sunrise...

The quartet and I went out to the barn and sailed through chores.
Had just enough time to get ready for chorus.

I must say, we had a pretty good rehearsal...considering we are just getting started.  Gary stayed for lunch and I went over to the John Deere store to buy a new belt for the lawn tractor.  $51!!!!!!  Had lunch when I got home and picked more walnuts in the back yard.

When Gary got home we hooked up our little trailer and loaded the lawn tractor.  I dropped it off in Holley at Danny's Small Engine Repair.  We might as well get it checked out while the belt is put on and the blades are sharpened.  Cha Ching....Cha Ching....$$$$$

On the way home I stopped at Wegmans to pick up a few things...we were out of mild and OJ.  Decided to get some sesame chicken and have Chinese for dinner.

I stir fried onions, carrots and finally added some snow peas.  In the meantime I worked on some brown fried rice.

Then I threw in the sesame chicken that I bought (prepared by the Wokery)....

and dinner was served.  For some reason I love to eat bananas with Chinese.

Did evening chores...there's my Berliny girl, all nice and shiny.

By the way, while I was gone this afternoon, Gary mowed a huge section of our lawn with a push really makes me appreciate the lawn tractor, but it sure looks good.

When I finally got back to the house, I quickly grabbed my camera as the sunset was as beautiful the sunrise.

Done early.
Night all.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


When the pups and I went out to the barn it was raining....and had been for many hours.

I put hay in the hay nets so the horses could eat without getting soaked.

By the time they finished their grain it started to clear up.

This is the north side of the horse barn...I love the old stone work.

Taa Daaaaa!  The sun came out.

At 10:30am class started.  This is the view out of the East window.  Looks like a painting to me.  Next week it will switch to afternoons....2-3:30.

Sid and Seymour spent the afternoon lounging on the back porch.

Ya see these black walnuts?  There were literally thousands of them on the front lawn...I had started mowing earlier and the belt came off so I had to stop.  In the meantime, Gary was raking up all these dumb nuts!!!!!  I helped and we ended up hand mowing a huge portion of the lawn.  Not my idea of a good time.

The weather was starting to change and Barb was doing chores tonight, so I went out and made up hay cubes for the pony.  Figured they would get put in early and wanted her to have something to eat after her grain.

Gary was kind enough to throw down some hay for me.  We keep it up in the loft and then set it up in the feed room each week.

Today was his birthday.  I took him out for dinner at the LB Grande.  We have not been there in a couple of years.  After we had our meal, they brought out dessert with a sparkler in it (on the house). fudge....whipped cream....cherry!!!!  Why didn't I take a picture?  I brought half of my dinner home not knowing we were going to have this....then I had a few bites and now am ready to BURST!  Happy Birthday Gar!

I need to go rest.
Night all.