Friday, August 31, 2012


 A beautiful morning.
After chores I ran down to Weggies to pick up a couple things.  Got a call from a friend visiting from North Carolina and he will be coming over for dinner.

Gary had a Physical Therapy appointment and I had grand intentions about spending that time at 
Agape's.  It was so gorgeous, my car drove me over to the pool instead.
 Mary Pat and her daughter Kate were there too.

 Went back to pick Gary up and all these geese were next to the parking lot.

 Set the table and worked on dinner before going out to do chores.

 Ted arrived around 4, and while I was out in the barn he and Gary drove down to the Lift Bridge
to pick up his Buffalo News.
 I attempted to reproduce Jenny's Bolognase sauce and it turned out great.

 We certainly had a lot of laughs during dinner.

 Dessert was fresh fruit.
 Had another blossom today.
Night all.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


 I woke up to this beautiful hibiscus blossom....a great way to start the day.

 Finished chores before Jen dropped Finn and Cooper off.
 Coop was not happy.  Why do boys love these nerf guns?
 Yesterday they found this antique typewriter in the loft and wanted to check it out.
 Gary had already started a batch of sauce and Finn wanted to help with the stirring.
 Jenny picked them up before 2 so they could visit their new classrooms.
Gary and I ran an errand and went over to the pool.
 It's about time!  Have not been there since last Saturday.
 No humidity today, and a little breeze.  Perfect.
 Stopped at the Welcome Center on the way home to check on Tina, Sara and DJ...their last duty
for this season.

 Roger was there...
 and DJ was looking his beautiful self.
 Gary stayed down town to get things set up for the last summer concert 
and I went home to do chores.
 This morning I mowed the lawn...

 I keep a waterhole for the frogs in the area...they use it all the time.

 We still have a few of these lilies blooming.

Got down to the Center a little before 7...brought Gary dinner.
 Tonight it was Julie Dunlap and High Maintanence.
 A very good and appreciative crowd.
 Chet, the breadman, was there and presented me with a loaf of whole wheat.
Today he was the main speaker at our school district opening for teachers.
His message is "pay it forward" and he received a standing ovation.
Talk about an asset to this community.

 Remember Ben?

 You must recognize Mary Pat...
 That's her husband, Scott.

 Julie sang until after dark.

The "blue moon" arrived on schedule.

Did you see it?
Night all.