Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Just One of Those Days.

We still have a lot of water and the temperature was in the 40s today.
Not too far from here there was a little spurt of snow.

 We had leftover wind from yesterday and the pond in the pasture has started to recede.

 I had to move my class into the house today as it was just to cold for my heater to warm
up the Studio.  Now it's much easier to make tea and coffee.

 We did have some sunshine this afternoon
 and Phoebe made sure she was in it.

 After many hours on the phone and my computer, I had to go down to Country Max
 for some grain and shavings.
 On one side of the road it was bright, and on the other it was dark.

 Karen had chore duty so I was able to put together a dinner.

 First I was going to make chicken soup (with stock , no pieces of chicken).  Then I changed my mind and added a chopped up plum tomato and some thinly sliced cabbage.  After that I dumped in some in too much rice.  My soup turned into a casserole...but it still tasted great, served with extra sharp cheddar cheese and crispy apple slices.
Once again, I am looking forward to getting out by the fire.
This campaign season is turning into a marathon and it has me ready for a nap.
It's a good thing we can still laugh, as our opponents are trying to do a number on Mary and me.
We are not even running, but they sure are giving us a lot attention.  I will fill you in after the election is over.  Just let me say that civility is not a consideration on their part.
Night all.
Here are some great photos sent to me by the wife of our fiddle/mandolin player.
Great shots!
The next time we do this, I'm pretty sure we could fill the barn!

Monday, October 30, 2017

It's Cold...I've Got a Cold...

Talk about rain.....and tonight it's raining again.
At least 3 inches.
 The girls stayed in their stalls all day yesterday, after a brief turnout when I did morning chores.
 Today they were happy to get out.

 The pond in the pasture returned and the temperature was in the 40s all day long.

 All that the pups and I wanted to do was stay in the cozy house.
Little Wonder had an appointment with Dr. Edwards for a check up and a rabies shot at 2:30.
He was perfect in the waiting room and a little anxious with the Doc.
This is the first time he has been anywhere without Phoebe.
 From there we went to the Town Hall to get his dog license....due tomorrow.
He went in with me and gave lots of kisses to Karen and Kathy.
 Needless to say, he was happy to get back to the farm.
I had a meeting at 4 and of course it was too late to start dinner.
You know what that means.
Now the temperature is in the 30s and I need to get out by the fire.
Hopefully picture taking will sound like a better idea tomorrow.
Night all.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

It's Raining and Pouring and Raining and Pouring

I'll bet that between last night and right now (6:15pm) we have had over 3 inches of rain.
 The girls were out for about an hour and I put them back in their stalls.  
This is colic weather and they were getting soaked...just could not worry about them.
So, they spent the afternoon snoozing and eating hay.

 After chores I continued working on the setup in the indoor and barely had time for a shower before the jam group started to arrive.
We decided to park all of their vehicles inside the barn so their equipment would not get wet.
A tailgate party.
 Unfortunately it is too hard to host, play and take pictures so I did not do very well in that department.

 There were 14 of us performing and another 25-30 that joined us.

 It poured the entire time and the temperature in the barn was around 50.
After all these beautiful days, this had to be the worst!

We ended the afternoon with a pot luck supper and the food was outstanding!

 Mac and Cheese, meatballs, braised beef in a fabulous sauce, vegetarian chili, sausages in BBQ sauce, green salads, pasta salad, mac salad, homemade bread, baked beans, veggie and fruit platters with cheese, outrageous cheese dip, tortillas, cookies, apple cake, apple Betty and more.  A real feast.  Lots of hot coffee and cider.
 Thank heaven Karen and I traded chores today.  I went out to check on the girls and she was already here.  Soooooo tired!  Gary worked his butt off yesterday and today going back and forth and back and forth.  Love having things in the barn, but it's a lot of work.
 This extreme weather is getting more frequent.
 After being in the house all day, Phoebe and Little Wonder went with me to the indoor while we were hauling in some of the food etc. Of course they were soaked within minutes.
Tomorrow they are going to need some serious attention.
I am toast!
Night all.