Friday, January 31, 2014


I could actually take off my gloves and not have my hands freeze.  Got up to at least 33 degrees today and it made a huge difference.

 Stayed grey all day.

 As soon as I got back in the house I started putting books on the shelves in the library.  Gary kicked in when he returned from Java and it took us until 4:30 to get everything together.

 I could not be happier with the new look, even tho we have the same old furniture.
 Chores at 5.

Then we went out to the "Crooked Door" in Albion so I could treat Gary to dinner after working so hard on this project for two and one half weeks.
 We were seated on the second level...very cozy.
 It overlooks the main dining room, which is next to the Erie Canal.
 Gary had spinach Florentine soup...
and broiled haddock.  Perfect.
 I was on my feet way too long today.  Time to rest.
Night all.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Finally, A Heat Wave at 30 Degrees!

It took awhile to warm up, but boy....did we catch a nice break today!

 It was sunny inside and out.

 99.9% of the painting is done.  Tomorrow we can put the books back on the shelves.
 The living room is coming last.
 I tried to simplify....simplify....simplify.

 It was still 30 when I went out to do evening chores.
 The girls were in the mood for some selfie shots.

 After they were tucked in, I took a quick shower and we were off to Maryellen and Jay's for dinner.  When we arrived there was a roaring fire going in their woodstove and it was so comfy.
 They have two cats and one very sweet dog.

 Dined at 8.  What a great meal.
We brought a salad and some rolls
 Maryellen made...
corn (from their garden)
 roast beef
 mashed potatoes
 and a spectacular berry pie.
 (Blueberries and raspberries from their garden)
 A very relaxing evening...just like their rag doll cat was having.
Night all.