Friday, May 31, 2013

Don't Get Me Started!

Another hot one...felt like August.
 Berlin chose the fan over grass and sun.

 Fed the girls, cleaned the stalls and headed back to the house.

 Made myself go to Agape...need to get back in the groove.
 Had some surprise visitors at 12:30.  Ted and Carol lived in this area for a long time....then 12 years ago they sold their home, grabbed their cat and have been traveling all over the countryside in their motor home ever since.  Carol boarded her horse here in the dark ages.
 They came to buy rhubarb and will be in the vicinity for the summer.  So good to touch base.

The rest of the afternoon was downhill and a royal pain in my butt.  I bought this iPad in it is May!  It would not connect to the internet through wifi.  I called Linksys and after 1 hour plus decided not to go the route they were suggesting.  Then I called iPad support.  Blah, Blah, Blah...your whatever has been corrupted.  "I can have a technician repair it online for you...$50 for 1 shot, $99 for 6 months of assistance or $129 for a year."  I was so steamed!  They said Linksys could not fix it ($19.99) and this was the best way for me to get back online.  So!  I pay hundreds of dollars for this piece of equipment that gets screwed up in less than 8 weeks and now they want me to buy this support package.  I swear!  This is built into their marketing...just like when you purchase a brand new car and they want to sell you a package for hundreds of dollars on top of the price of the car.  Is it crazy to expect a new whatever to last more than a few weeks?  One more way to rake in the dough.  Out of desperation I got a one year deal for $99 and they got me back online after spending another hour trying to comprehend what was being told to me from who knows where.  In the end, all I had to do was go to settings, general and reset an area back to where it was when I bought it.  Would have done it myself and should have.  Got taken on that one.
 By then it was after 4 and my afternoon was shot.
 When Gary got home from Sara's he worked in the garden....planted red and yellow peppers.
 Called the girls in at 5.  Still very hot.
 Grained them and put them back out.
 I set out 2 flakes of hay (total) for 3 horses and the only one that cares is Moon.  Abbe and Berlin stayed by the fan and most of the hay is still there in the morning.

 Another simple dinner.

 A salad that Saint Tim won't eat.  Spinach, organic craisins and apple, a little onion topped with a Korean dressing.
 Mashed potatoes and grilled chicken.

I have been working on a slide show of some of my photographs for the art opening this coming Thursday night.  Tomorrow we set up the show.
(please click to bigify)
I am techied out.
Night all.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mowing, Mowing, Mowing.....

 It heated up quickly this morning.   The girls were back in the run-in by the fan within 15 minutes.

 In and and out.
 Caught up with thecrazysheeplady after chores.  It's hot in Kentucky too.
 I spent some time on the lawn tractor...mowed the lawn, around the pastures and half of the lane.  There are some good places for Moon to be driven now.
 Made a 5 minute trip to the bank and did a little reading when I got back.
Gary planted more tomatoes today.

Evening chores at 5.  Still pretty warm out there...the girls wanted to stay in their stalls.

 The heavy rain knocked down all these iris, so I had to bring them into the house.
 Down to the village for a late dinner.

Home by 8:30.  Another hot one is on the way for tomorrow.
Night all.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Heat is On...

 Boy!  Did we ever get a lot of rain last night!  It poured for 12 hours straight with plenty of thunder and lightning.  The outdoor arena is totally under water (again), and I just dragged it a couple days ago.  After chores we had a visit from a new farrier.  John, our regular, was forced to stop as he has very serious knee and hip problems at this time.  He recommended Josh B.
 I trust John and he found us a great young man.
 I made arrangements for him to go to Barb's and Tina's from here, so he had 6 horses to trim.
 Over half of them are in their late 20s and need the TLC approach.  Josh was very good at recognizing what would work the best.
 He used to be a Hunter/Jumper rider and when he got out of high school, went straight to Cornell to learn how to become a farrier.
 Berlin and Abbe were both cooperative and seemed fine with the change.

 All of us were happy with him and he will be back.  Welcome Josh!
 The temperature went up to the low 80s and it was very muggy and buggy.  Fortunately there was a nice breeze.

My little guys love hanging out on the back porch.

I had a much needed appointment with the message therapist at 2. stones.

From there I went to Agape but did not last long.  Really goofed going there after a massage.  Won't do that again.  Stopped at Weggies on the way home...
 For some reason I could not sleep last night...reading didn't even help.  Ready to crash when I got home, but didn't.

Deb and Tom stopped up for some rhubarb.
 'Tis the season.
 By the way, when I got home there was  3/4 of a rhubarb pie in a beautiful container sitting by the kitchen door.  I have no idea who left it....and I just made one yesterday.  Talked Jenny into taking some of it off our hands.

I started dinner and did chores while Gary finished up with Finn and Coop.

 What was for dinner????  I made a corn salad introduced to us by a friend from Paris who spent many summers in Brockport.  I used 2 cans of organic corn, some onion, green pepper, 1 tomato, diced swiss cheese and tossed it with a Russian dressing (homemade).  Salt and pepper, of course.  Try this one, it's different and crunchy yummy.
 Hot dogs with no nitrates or preservatives on some baked beans.
 Summer flavors.
I'm not going to be happy if I can't get some serious sleep time later.
Night all.