Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Picnic at Judy's

Another just right day.  Sunny but not too hot.
 Berlin was waiting for me when I got out to the barn.

 After chores I pulled more weeds out of the garden so Gary could turn it over and plant spinach.
 The guys worked on the roof much of the day and I am glad that it has been finished.
Quite an improvement.
 Little Wonder wanted to say "Hi" to everyone.....
 We were invited to Judy's for dinner and it was my job to make a rhubarb pie.

 We got there around 6 and enjoyed our first real picnic of the season.

 Helen was there too.
 We had hot dogs, hamburgers,
 a Dolly Parton salad, potato salad

 corn on the cob, all the fixins and finished with the rhubarb pie.
Judy is one amazing hostess and she sure knows her way around a kitchen!
 During dinner one of her moon flowers popped out.
 Here are the two resident cats.  Butch Cassidy and Sundance.
 They are brothers and you can't tell them apart.
 They have the most beautiful coats I have ever seen and both are very sweet.

 We headed home just as the sun was setting.
Helen came with us and we are going to get into some trouble for a couple of days.
Night all.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

More "Flags"

When I let the dogs out this morning the light was beautiful as it hit the gardens.

 Our wild roses have started blooming.

 Class at 10:30.

 Can you tell that I was sharpening colored pencils?

 Bread delivery at 11:30...the pups exercised great control.

Little Wonder loves to smile at some of my students.  Today Shawna was able to catch him 
doing it with her phone.
 I spent part of the afternoon binging on a Netflix series.

Made a very simple dinner tonight.
First I created a regular, bigga salad.  Romaine, chives, tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, Greek olives and some leftover roasted corn.  Topped that with a nice Italian dressing...
 then added a big scoop of macaroni salad.
A keeper, and so easy.
 Guess who wanted someone to throw "Jaxie" for him.
 Gary added string to his snow pea "trellis" and they are ready to start creeping upward.
He also planted more lettuce beets and carrots.
 LW found himself an empty bird nest that blew out of the willow tree.

 What a gorgeous evening.
Night all.