Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Brockport BIG Band!

A very normal start to the day.

 Had to go to Wegmans for a few things and when I went out to my car, this was parked next to it.  Talk about a golden rusty oldie.

 Today we picked many things from our garden.  Turned the yellow and green beans into
 a Barbequed version....bacon, onions and.....
 Finn and Coop spent the afternoon with us...still tired from all their vacation adventures.
 So much for our berries...this is it for the season (I think).
 Gary went down to the Welcome Center to set up for Summer Serenades and  I went out to do evening chores.

 The pond is officially gone, and we even had more rain last night.  The weather was unpredictable today and I don't know if it hit 70 or not.  Rained here and there, but ended up being gorgeous.
 Grabbed a quick shower and got down to the Welcome Center just in time to hear Gary introducing the Brockport Big Band.

 There was a big crowd.  The community loves them.
 The captain of this ship really knew what he was doing when he docked his boat.  Smooth as silk.

The woman on the left (Lorrie B.) founded this band 9 years ago.

 The man in the background was on the other side of the Canal and he and his two kids were dancing.  I just could not get a good shot, but it was a sweet show.
 There were a lot of boats docked for the night and  I'm sure the passengers were loving the live music.

This is the inside of the Welcome Center where the boaters check in.  We offer bathrooms, showers and a laundry room.  The man on the right is the one who docked that humungo boat so beautifully.  100 volunteers keep this operation running smoothly and have given us a very positive reputation.

 Have you started recognizing some of these faces?  Many in the audience are repeat attenders.
 You had to be there for these next two pictures.  You would think Gary was a drama queen.
 Mel wanted equal time facing the camera!
 No time for dinner tonight, so we went over to the Stoneyard for a sandwich.  Our friend John D. greeted us as we were walking by.  (FYI -this brainchild invents crossword puzzles and has had a couple accepted by the New York Times!  Am I impressed or what? Of course he will be embarrassed that I posted that and I would be embarrassed because I would probably not be able to fill in one word).  Ahhhhhhhh.  Brockport is loaded with so many talented people.

Got home in time for Gary to watch his PBS lady detective show.
Another day in the life...a new soap...Brockport After Dark.
Night all.