Saturday, May 31, 2014

Copper Pennies and A Vanilla Ice Cream Cone

 I started this post when it was still light out.  Now it is 9:43 and pitch black.

 Before you go, be sure and check out the post below about JazzFestWest.
Then I will say Night All.


I've been talking about this event for several weeks and today was the day.
It all started several years ago when the Brockport Big Band was getting started and we had a fund raiser for them in our barn.  We have been following them ever since and in this year alone they have donated their time to two fundraisers I have been connected with in this community.  The first one was for our chorus and now this one, to raise funds for a mural in Sagawa Park.  They know what "paying it forward" is all about and it happens on a regular basis.  Brockport is a little village in western New York and it sits on the edge of the Erie Canal.  The population is around 8,000 and with the State University of New York at Brockport here, you can double that figure when school is in session.  The sense of community is off the charts and so is volunteerism.  JazzFestWest was no exception!  The usual suspects were there to give their support, just as they do all year long when it comes to adding to our quality of life.  This was a collaboration involving The Art & Aesthetics Committee (of Walk! Bike! Brockport) and Pro-Brockport.
By the way, The Brockport Big Band is no backyard organization.  For the past six years they have performed at the Rochester International Jazz Festival...which is very big time.
So here goes.

We got to the park at 12:30 to setup for the concert.
You see that fence back there?  The higher one to the left?  We are going to take that down and put up a 7 x 30 foot mural.  A grant has been applied for and I sure hope we get it.
 Pam K., my partner in crime, already had the tents set up and the DPW brought over the risers yesterday.  The weather could not have been more perfect and the setting was just right.
 The band started to arrive a little after one...

 and before two, the park started filling up.

 All were invited to bring along a picnic....some did, some didn't.

 I did not have time to come up with anything fancy, so we had a fruit salad and
 sandwiches made with sun dried tomato turkey, cheese, mixed greens and yellow peppers.
Yep, they tasted great.
 By then, the band was playing.
 Judy and Sally were sitting with us.

The woman on the left, Lorrie B., founded the band.
 This is Pam.  She was taking videos and I hope she posts them.

 What's with Dan and Gary?  Why are their arms crossed?

 Roger must be telling Ute a very interesting story.
 The band took a short break so they could mingle with the crowd...Tina was talking to Fred, who plays in the trumpet section.

 This picture is for you Alicia.  You were missed, but Herb was there with Mel and Helen.
Hope all is well in Ecuador.
 By now you must recognize Carol...
 Gary and Topper looked pretty engaged in conversation.  I think this is the first time he has not taken a picture of me taking a picture of him.

 As you can hear, these band members are great musicians.  Many of them are music teachers or have retired from teaching music.  That just helps them to be the tight band they are.

These two were dancing outside the park fence...
and then another couple stopped on the sidewalk and did the same.  So sweet.  "It Had To Be You".

This is Margay...the Mayor of our Village.  She's everywhere and very tuned in.

 Jenny was there.

 When the concert was over, we invited the band over for food.  It was the least we could do after that great performance they donated.
 What a great event.  We are so fortunate to have this kind of an activity right in our front yard.
Thank you Brockport.

Home by 5 and ready to relax...except for taking care of the horses, that you read about in the post above.