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Monday, May 19, 2014

I Did It Again!

Another beautiful day...bright and crisp.  Ended up in the 60s.
 At 8:30 the farrier came to work on Abbe.  She was trimmed just 4 weeks ago and her front (more than her back) toes grew like crazy.  Stephanie will be back in two weeks to see if anything else needs to be done.

 I was watching the news a noon when POW!  There was Liz Banner, the director of the High School Chorus that sang with us at our concert last Friday.

She was recognized for being an outstanding choral director by the RPO (Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra) and totally deserved it.

Here is another video of her students from our concert. 
See what I mean?  So loved singing with these kids.
Did not do anything exciting this afternoon.  We are trying to get a grant for our next mural and it has not been easy getting our ducks in a row.  Spent a lot of time on the phone, followed by a nap.

Chores at 5:30.

 I was going out of the barn to take a mask off Abbe and didn't I trip and fall on my right arm again!  Man, I can't believe I was not paying more attention. shower....arnica.  What an absolute pain!!!

 Gary spent the late afternoon with Finn and Coop.  When he got home he planted a 70 foot row of spinach.  The beets should start peaking out pretty soon.
 Looks like they are going to starting working the fields surrounding us tomorrow.

 Tried a new veggie burger tonight....roasted tomatoes and garbanzo beans.  Not as good to me as the Garden Veggie burgers we usually eat.  Last night Louise sent us home with salt potatoes and coleslaw from the I made homefries and that was that.
 When I got in here to do this post, the evening sun was doing it's magic.

Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you're feeling better soon. I hate when I do stuff like that.

Terry said...

Ouch! So sorry you had a fall.
Love those last two pictures. Magical light.

Nancy J said...

Having a fall is not good, hope it heals soon with TLC and arnica. Love that afternoon sunshine, one of nature's great healers. Cheers, Jean

Dreaming said...

Oh! No!
I hope your arm is OK.
We have a bit of baby spinach poking up. I'm excited! It's almost time to plant everything!