Monday, July 31, 2023

Off Duty Today

Gorgeous weather.

As soon as I finished chores, my friend Andrea came over to pick up some hay and a couple other things.  Trying to get the barn organized before it's time for my hay gets delivered.

I always have to lock the horses in the back pasture so we can load straight out of the barn, and that means driving through the front paddock.
They were ready for a drink when we were finished.
Little Wonder loves Andrea and was very happy to see her.

I did some laundry, took a shower and headed down to Hanny's for an afternoon of bridge.

Her porch overlooks a pond and it's a perfect spot for playing cards.

Hanny always has the best snacks and desserts.  We really indulged!
The cheesecake was divine.
I had to stop at Wegmans on the way home and it was after 5 when I got here.  In no mood to make the dinner I had planned so we ended up having the chicken soup I had made along with another 
cucumber /tomato salad.  Our current favorite.
Little Wonder had soup too.
Chores at 8

Cool nights are so refreshing.
Night all.


Sunday, July 30, 2023

To Market...To Market

Man!  The pause that refreshes.

After chores I picked the indoor, as Rebel and Buddy have access to it at all times and think it's a toilet.

Did a couple things around the house, then we went down to the market where I bought tomatoes, peaches and a loaf of bread from Greg'rys.
The village was holding a survey today that we participated in.  Such a pro active move.

The entertainment was provided by a local music teacher.  

Just when we were getting ready to leave we ran into Al, Brenda and Scarlett.  It's long past time when we need to get together.
When we got back to the farm I did some weed wacking and Gary was able to pick yellow beans, cucumbers and a zucchini from the garden.  Things are starting to pop.
At 3:30 we were invited down to a friends porch for some wine and cheese.
Many good stories were told.

We would love to have a porch like this one.
Right on schedule....the first glad showed up.  Many years ago we used to grow and sell them.

Chores at 8.  The sky was very interesting.

I so appreciate not being hot all day long.
Night all.


Saturday, July 29, 2023

What A Difference A Day Makes....

It was so muggy last night we did not leave the windows open.  The weather report said the humidity was supposed to be lower by 5pm today, but once it started to pour late morning, it went away and the temperature stayed in the mid 60s. We got 6/10th of an inch of rain and it was an absolute pleasure to feel cool.

While it was still raining I went to the store for a few things and this afternoon highlighted my hair.  In need of a change and this was long overdo.  Wouldn't mind if it all turned grey, but it's not happening.
Listened to a lot of music today.  It was our 56th anniversary and too ugly to go out.  Tomorrow we will do something special for lunch.
Tonight we had leftovers.

By early evening the sun decided to make an appearance...
and the sky was gorgeous by the time I went out for chores.

I got everything ready for the ponies, whistled, and no response.  Our neighbors were setting off fire crackers this afternoon and they were running around....I started wondering if they broke through a fence.  Fortunately they were in the far back pasture behind the outdoor arena.
Every day (lately) one of them comes in without a mask.  Today it was Rebel's turn.
Something was still spooking them as they were very alert.

Rebel went in his stall and buddy wandered for a couple more minutes.  This is very unusual.

We will all sleep well tonight and I'm looking forward to having this kind of weather for the next few days.
Night all.