Sunday, September 30, 2018

Music....Lots of Music

It was very grey and I expected it to rain.
So far it has not happened.

 After chores I decided to mow the lawn as it needed it and
we are having lots of company tomorrow night for dinner and story telling
by our good friend Helen Macdonald.
In Scotland, she has many bookings and said the if I made dinner and
invited some friends she would provide the stories at Skoog Farm
Should be a good time.

 By one I was down at the gallery for our Sunday Jam and took SO MANY
videos!  You are going to have to suffer through them!  Ian, who joined our group 
a couple weeks ago has been an inspiration to all!  I sure have a lot to learn...

If you have never participated in a group like this, you can't imagine how
great it feels to sing and play.  We are always learning and for several weeks have been raising the bar.  I love it.
We are going to have a big jam in the indoor as soon as I can get one organized.

Today I marinated some pork tenderloin so Gary can grill it tomorrow.
 Chore duty this evening.
Is my Berlin beautiful or what????
Of course Rebel could not be more handsome.
 By the time the pups and I got back to the house it was almost dark.
 Before we ate I made some chutney.
Did not have peaches, so I used nectarines.

 It smells pretty potent!!!!!
I'll use it to garnish the grilled pork.
We are also having rice, carrots (from the garden), a romaine salad with homemade pickled beets (garden), mandarin oranges, crumbly blue and a vinaigrette
dressing, Adam's homemade bread, Ulpi's fruit salad and a dessert by Carol B.
During the Storytelling we will have wine and cheese.
Tonight we had cheeseburgers (Robb's Farm) and Mac salad.
 Also had leftover cake that Jenny brought up for dessert last night.
 I've got the table set and am in pretty good shape for tomorrow.
 Did you notice the Celtic tablecloth?
And the sheep Sara Dunham made for me????
Night all.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Jenny and Rebel....

 After chores I went down to Wegmans and picked up some things
for our dinner (for 12) on Monday.  Helen will be doing her storytelling
and the rest of us our providing the meal.

At 1:30 Jenny arrived to ride Rebel.
She has not ridden in years, but he has been such a good boy she was
ready to get back in the saddle.
 Today there was no calling out to his girls, he was totally tuned in to us.
Jenny missed her old Steuben Siegfried saddle but I think she will get used
to my Albion if she rides more.

 After she rode, I got on him for a few minutes.
 He seemed very comfortable with both of us.

I feel so fortunate to have this horse!   He is a gentleman,
beautiful and so sweet.
 Tonight Jen, Scott, Finn, and Coop joined us for Gary's birthday dinner.

 We went to the Village Inn in Caledonia.

 We had quite a variety of meals.
Cream of Asparagus soup, Seafood Chowder, House salads, Cesar Salad,
Chicken French, Chicken Alfredo, Strip Steak and a Shrimp Dish.

 Everything was delicious!
Just as Gary was selecting his free birthday dessert, the waitress delivered a gift certificate from our daughter Stephanie and her family (Las Vegas).  They picked up
the tab and we have enough left to go back again!
What a generous gift to all of us!
 The waitress brought us a huge piece of chocolate cake and we all had a taste.
 On the way home, the sunset was beautiful.

 Jenny had already brought this birthday treat before we left for dinner.
More cake!
My piece will have to wait until tomorrow.
Night all.