Friday, July 31, 2015

This and That and This and That

Good grief!  I woke up at 5:30am.

 Karen and I did chores as usual.

 All kinds of little weeds were starting to grown in the outdoor arena, so I dragged it.
Even mowed around the ages (later).

 Picked some green beans, which I shared with Jenny.  Need to get more tomorrow.
 After that I mowed the lawn.
 Gary finished putting up the shades in the Studio and I knuckled under and bought an air conditioner so we don't have to roast during my class.

 Picked our first red cabbage.  It is prime!!!!

 Made coleslaw to take down to the Morgan Manning House for a picnic.
 Ariana joined us.
All kinds of friends were there, including Deb's pup....Archie.
Such a precious boy.
 We ate under the trees outside of the Carriage House.
There was plenty of food!  The new president and his wife provided hots and drinks...the rest of us brought everything you can think of.

Members of the Western Historical Society are deeply committed to our community...extremely generous with their time (and money).

 This was a strictly social event and was enjoyed by all.

 Ariana and Sara had a chance to chat....
 then Jenny and Scott stopped in for a few minutes as his phone was left in the car which Ariana drove to the picnic.
 They were headed into Rochester for a Red Wings game.
Something was going on with breast cancer survivors, so Jenny had on her shirt.
 Both of these two are survivors and I have a message to you from Sara.
"Her boobs are fake now because the originals tried to kill her."
(I hope she remembers that she told me to say that when she reads my Journal later!!!)
 I love her attitude!
 Scott and Jenny are going to get sick of posing with by the time this campaign is over.
Such good sports.  I have to post this in OUT AND ABOUT on our campaign facebook page.
(Town of Sweden Candidates for Change)

 Home around 7, changed my clothes and went out to tuck in the girls.

 Night all.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

This Will Take Awhile....

More photos after I posted last night
We had sundaes followed by
 the kids getting into an exercise mode.

It was still muggy this morning.

 After chores I ran around looking for shades that were the proper size for the windows in the Studio.  Gary started working on them and so far 3 are hanging.  Too hot out there.

Nice Nanna that I am, I took Finn, Coop and Ariana over to Tina and Roger's pool.
No better place to be.
 We are so lucky to be able to swim there.

 Dropped them off at Jen's around 3:15 so they could get ready to go to Lewiston (near Niagara Falls) for a tournament Finn was playing in.  He was invited to join a baseball team from Rochester.

When I got back to the farm, there was a nice breeze and the girls were out in the pasture....except for Berlin who was probably in front of the fan.

Karen did chores so I could get down to the Welcome Center for Summer Serenades.
Tonight it was all about the Brockport Big Band.

 They are such pros!

Of course Annie and I were there schmoozing. 
(I'm sure Mary was terribly sad, not being there!)
 Her husband David was there too.

Jackie was handing out programs.  She and Gary work very hard to bring these concerts to our community.

 This is Mark Ketchum.  He plays one mean sax and has a lot of solo time.

 There were several beautiful boats docked this evening.
 ...another big and very receptive crowd.  
They know good music when they hear it!
I must have taken 20 short videos.

 Not bad, sitting in your boat listening to top shelf tunes.
 Karen is dog sitting Ben and they stopped down after doing chores.  What a sweet dog.
Thank you for giving me the night off.
 Someday we are going to gather all the people who have these t-shirts for a photo shoot.

By the time I headed home, the sun was going down.

 Could not resist playing with these moon shots.
 Like musical notes.

Night all.