Friday, May 31, 2024

The Day After

Sunny and we hit 75 degrees this afternoon.

After chores I grabbed some jumper cables and Gary helped me get our little (oldish) John Deere going.    It has not been used for over a year as it needed some work done on it and has been parked in the shed.  I'm giving it to my friend Andrea as her son is a great mechanic and at the very least she can use it to drag her arena.  We do not need 4 lawn tractors.
It started right up, but still needs some work....maybe the carburetor.
After lunch Little Wonder and I went down to Country Max for some dog cookies, salt blocks and 8 bags of shavings.

Finished up some laundry and dinner was Italian sausage with peppers and onions and a salad

As per usual we took it easy before chores and caught up with the latest news on DT.  What a fool!  And his buddies are just like him, pretending he has done nothing wrong.  I heard from two of my friends in France and they were thrilled with the verdict yesterday.  Can you even imagine how we look to the rest of the world?????  The convention in July is going to be WILD!!!!

Both boys went straight for their new salt blocks and I removed them from their stalls before leaving the barn.  They would not leave them alone.

All tucked in and that's that.
Night all.


Thursday, May 30, 2024

34! Yes!

Perhaps there is some kind of justice in this world.  To hear someone say that if he does not get elected, there will be big trouble in our country.  It is so hard for me not to say what I really feel about what is going on...

Fortunately, there is still some beauty in my world.

Rebel was watching for me this morning.
It was in the low 60s all day, but the gnats were still bad tonight.
After chores I did some weed whacking and then I mowed the outdoor arena and front paddock.
Buddy and Rebel joined me.

Two shiny pennies.

More blossoms all over the place.

Our leaf lettuce is going nuts and I picked a bag full for my friend Hanny.
The mixed greens are kicking in too.
How about those strawberries?
I picked almost a quart.

At 1 I was down at the library for bridge.  Melba and I came in first place!
Home around 4:30 and tuned in to the latest news.  It made my day.

Here are some of the tomatoes my friend Hanny gave me today.  I see sandwiches in my future.
Tonight we met Jenny, Scott and Cooper at Cappelletti's for dinner.
Everything was delicious.

Gary and Coop ordered chicken parm and it was my favorite.
These two!  Always love spending time with them!
Finn was golfing tonight and this was his first day substitute teaching Phys Ed at the Hill School!

Home in time for a short break....then it was time for chores.

Night all.