Saturday, February 28, 2009


This is my girl Berlin...she is the horse I ride the most.  When I went out to do the chores at 5:40, the sun was bright and so was her coat.
Even tho it was only 18 degrees, the solar heat was melting some of the snow.
The evening light in the barn was beautiful.

Hellooooooooo out there....
We had company for dinner...Mary Ellen and Jay came over for some chicken and biscuits. When they arrived, the guard dogs were looking at the door to see who it was.  What a great, relaxing time we had.  Like Gayle up in Alaska, we had a discussion about gardens and ordering seeds...  Could spring possibly be approaching?  Tomorrow is March 1st......YEYYYYYYYYY.


Not only was there snow out there this morning, it was around 10 degrees (going up to the mid 20's).  What do you think of that Miss Niger where it is sweltering?
While I went out to do chores, the two Queens relaxed.
I'm getting closer to a nice portrait of the Gucci.
As you can see by their blankets (Ken Mac of NYC calls them sweaters), they all rolled in the wet mud yesterday.
Each morning when I am finished with chores, I take the dogs out for a little jaunt.
This is almost an action shot....
Need I say more?  Today's weather has been brought to you by the Skoog Farm Dog and Pony Show....


Just so Phoebe doesn't feel left out....  Her groom thought (with her disposition) that she would be a great model, and recommended a photographer (Wendi Pencille) to do a shoot. I hired her for an hour and asked how many pictures she thought would be taken in that time period.  She said at least 50....Phoebe was so cooperative and unafraid of all the lights etc. she ended up taking 235!  What a fun experience.  When Tina saw the end results, she made an appointment for DJ.  You can see one of his shots below.  By the way, when I pursued the modeling thing, I could get absolutely nowhere without an agent...they did not even want to look at pictures. That's ok!  She is still one of the sweetest, most cooperative and loving dogs on the planet.

Friday, February 27, 2009


This shot was taken by Wendi Pencille, a professional photographer....the others were taken by Tina.

DJ is a Sheltie, owned by my good friend Tina (who also happens to be one of my art students).
He and Phoebe went through 3 Obedience Classes together, received their Canine Good Citizen certifications and passed the tests required to become part of Therapy Dogs International. They are good pals and really enjoy being together.  One of my blogger friends, Kim, also had a Sheltie named Patrick.  She was very interested in the photos of DJ as it reminded her of him.
When I post pictures from Christina's World, they are photos taken by Tina, using her fabulous new camera.  As you can see, DJ is always looks good enough to enter the ring at the Westminister Show.  Tina and Roger take good care of that handsome boy. 


Check out that temperature....
If the snow piles would just disappear, I would appreciate it.
For about the 10th time this winter, the yucca plant is showing....looks a little beat up from the snow.

Mademoiselle Gucci (Poochie) 'Lizebet Skoog is giving me the eye.

Just when I got ready to go get sawdust, it started to rain...poor Jim had to get soaked loading my trailer (I did too, when I had to put on the tarps).  Didn't unload it until it stopped, and now the horses are loving their sweet smelling, deeply bedded stalls.  I really prefer sawdust to shavings, and if I was loaded....would use pellets.  They seem to really fluff up, are very absorbent, and easy to clean.

This afternoon I helped a friend start a new blog, and tonight we had friends over for dinner. Nothing too exciting.  When I left home at 1:55pm it was 52 degrees....when I got home at 3:30pm it was 31!!!!  Now it is snowing and blowing and I am not happy about it.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Memories of Patrick.....


I can't remember when it was this warm at 7:30am.  Felt great!
After chores I took the dogs for a walk down the lane.  Gucci is running past the garlic.
Phoebe is in the field where the snow has not melted yet.
I had an appointment to have my hair cut at 11am and stopped at the grocery store on the way home.   At the deli I picked up a sandwich and watched them make the sub below.  It is called a GUTBUSTER and I swear it had a pound of meat on it...It's like two large subs put together....
I stopped to pick up Ice so he could have some time with Miss Gucci.  Jenny was concerned that he would be mean to her (Ice is the sweetest boy).  When he walked through the door, my new dog growled and went after him.  She is a little bigger than his head, and told him that she was the new Queen of the Farm...even if she's the smallest dog.

I wanted to give Ice a chance to run, so we went for another walk out back.  Miss Gucci has no problem with getting dirty.

The horses really liked the mild weather today...tomorrow I will probably have to take off their blankets.  Yesterday and today, Target (26 yo Thoroughbred) has been off his feed...  didn't even want his hay cubes last night.  Tonight I made him a nice bran mash and he was eating it when I left the barn.  Don't know if it's the weather change or what.  Maybe I need to have the dentist check his teeth...gave him a call today.


Another test....I have not been successful in posting
a video for a long time.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It all started with the sunset last night....
Went in the house for dinner....marinated boneless pork chops, baked sweet potatoes and mixed greens with mango and banana.  Busy, busy, busy.....Watched the Obama speech and was very impressed by the way he is grounded and able to express himself.  The man is realistic and offers hope even tho it's going to be a tough road ahead.  Of course I thought the reactions from some sectors were quite interesting.  He did inherit an enormous burden and it will be a challenge...
This morning was very bright and sunny.  As you can see, Phoebe and Gucci have been running all over the back yard (they are now great pals).

After chores I took them down the lane...Gucci loves this new freedom.

When we went by the side of the indoor I noticed that the garlic has started to grow.

At 1:30 I took Gucci in for a heartworm test.  I just could not wait until May (when she will have to be tested again).

 Because she is from Mississippi, the chances of her being positive are pretty good.
Fortunately, the test came back negative.  

At 3:30 Phoebe and I went to Holley for a special Therapy Dog Gig.  DJ and Promise were there too.  I got home in time to fill the water trough while the hose was thawed out, and pulled together a quick dinner.  At 7pm I had a meeting at the Library, where we were working on an event for the end of March.  Caught a little "American Idol" and now I am going to hit the couch.  OOpps.  Have to catch a little of the ballroom dancing on PBS.  Then, it's good night John-Boy....