Thursday, February 26, 2009


Memories of Patrick.....


  1. Patrick must be the gorgeous Shelty(sp?) in the frames?
    I loooove the one with the pup standing on him! Did you take him for rounds in facilities yourself?
    Or ?
    WOW..I really need to catch up here! So much is gone on with you horses dogs and all!

    I have been very suppressed with the situation at hand~ being forced out of my dream stable...though it has been a NIGHTMARE for more of time... than a dream.
    Am tryin to create a private space if blogger will let me! As I really don't want to defile my horsey space with the ugly stuff!

    Be back sometime soon!

  2. Ishtar
    Patrick was my beloved sheltie and Lori has made me a very happy girl indeed today by posting photos that evoke happy memories.
    Lori, thank you.
    The middle picture especially, the the puppy actually ON the dog, reminds me of how older dogs tolerate the intrusion of newer animals and then welcome them. Our Patrick was such a gentleman that he sweetly receded into the background to allow us to care for two dogs who needed more attention. He knew he was loved intensely.
    You are very kind to allow me this space to love my dog.

  3. Your photo of the black pup standing on the collie reminded me of an English setter we had. His name was Windsor, and he was one of the best natured dogs we ever knew. We had a young kitten foisted on us, which within a few hours decided that Windsor was her 'Mum', and eventually slept on top of him every night. They eventually worked out a game that took place every morning when the kitten woke up. She would pat Windsor's hindquarters until he thumped his tail, which she would then pounce on and 'kill'. It was worth getting up early to watch the fun.
    Cheers, Ann and Mike.


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