Saturday, October 28, 2023


A very windy and dull morning with the temperature starting to drop.

After chores Little Wonder and I drove out to Glen Darrach Farm to return a soaking boot and some icthammol to Andrea.  She sure came through for me and Rebel and I hope he keeps improving each day.  When we got there, Cindy and Rob were doing chores and Andrea was showing someone around the property.  Remember Wallace?  He was looking gorgeous as usual.

On the way home we went down Gallup Road and over the bridge to Robb Farms to get some fresh made fried cakes.

Gary planted shallots and a little more garlic and I was not very productive.
Chores at 6.

Tucked the boys in and and then we had pea soup and
a salad with pears, apples, raisins, walnuts and feta cheese for an easy dinner.
Very nice to do nothing for a change.
Night all.


Friday, October 27, 2023

Moon Over Sweden....

The day started off a little dull and ended up in the mid 70s with plenty of sunshine.  Morning chores as usual.

I can't get over Buddy's tail!  It is so thick and gorgeous.  Grows fast.

At 11:30 Carol and Topper arrived to take us out to lunch at the D and R Depot in LeRoy.

We have not been there for years and it has not changed one bit.

I ordered the same spinach salad with a warm poppyseed dressing that I ordered every time we were there over the past many years.

We all shared a piece of elderberry pie Ala mode.

It was absolutely gorgeous when we got home.

I decided to make a pot of pea soup with ham for dinner.
Took it easy until chore time while Gary finished planting his garlic.
It was a little after 6 and the moon was waiting for me.

The boys know when it is chow time.

Dinner was simple and delicious.

Night all.