Sunday, March 31, 2024

One More Face Cord of Wood....

The weather was nothing special.  In the 40s with a little sun off and on.

Chores were done in record time....
and while I still had some energy I decided to pick the small pasture. I'll start working on the rest when I get another burst. The front paddock gets picked every day.

At 10am our friend Ed A. delivered a face cord of wood to get us through the rest of the season.  Gary brought a couple loads to the back porch and stacked the rest in the shed near his barn.  So glad to have a nice warm kitchen.
I decided to make another apple Betty pie late morning....

Jenny brought up some tulips and corn bread to eat with her leftover taco soup, which we had already eaten for lunch.
Yet another blossom today.
Gary worked outside much of the afternoon while Little Wonder and I took it easy.  More basketball.
I also baked a ham.  They were on sale, and even though it was just the two of us for dinner I made it anyway as I love the leftovers.  Tomorrow I will make ham and scalloped potatoes.  Today I ran out of gas and we just had a very simple meal.

Chores were a little late tonight as we watched then end of a game and it took forever.

So what did we eat?  The ham, corn bread and orange jello with carrots and walnuts.  Pie later.
A pretty quiet day.
Night all.


Saturday, March 30, 2024

March Madness

I will confess....I have been watching a little basketball.  Today it was the women's division.  Never was tuned into this in the past....

I find it hard to believe that these daffodils popped back up after being covered with snow and hit with temperatures below freezing.

At 9am we met with a neighbor who does all kinds of small construction projects (he is the one who installed our storm doors).  There are 3 things we would like to get done and hopefully it will happen.  It will make a difference in how the front of our house looks....will take some photos so you can see the before.
Gary worked outside much of the day, mostly on gardens.  A head start.  Little Wonder and I did our thing in front of the fire.

Around 6 Jen stopped up with a dinner delivery.  She made a big pot of taco soup and shared it with us.
I put the boys in for the night....

and we ate when I got back in the house.
Jenny brought corn chips, cheese and sour cream to garnish the soup.  SO GOOD!
All I had to do was make a salad.  She takes such good care of us!

Guess I will go back out by the fire.  Gary was able to find a little more wood today.
Night all.


Friday, March 29, 2024

Stuck in the 40s

It's just about the wind..... makes it feel so much colder.

I picked the indoor (the boys think it's their toilet) after chores and then went in to start a fire.
We had dinner at lunch time and breakfast for dinner.
I thought I was thawing out some spaghetti sauce and was going to put it on some leftover lasagna I had defrosted....then discovered it was the pizza sauce I had saved.  Change of plans.  I grabbed a couple flat breads and made pizza.  No mozzarella cheese, so I used sharp cheddar.

It was delicious.

This one hibiscus plant keeps popping out new blossoms.
Late afternoon we had visitors.
Jen and Merlin would like to come over next week to mess around in the indoor.  (Merlin lives around the corner).
He is such a handsome dude!

Chores at 6:30.  The boys left their hay this morning so they must be getting more grass.

My choice for dinner was scrambled eggs and an English Muffin.  Gary was on duty for himself.
Night all.