Sunday, January 31, 2010


Woke up to colorful looked like this before 7am.

Extremely cold, so the pups stayed in the house again.

A little late getting out to the barn.

I closed off the back pasture and open up those on the north side...a little variety and it's too cold for them to punch it up.

Fed the ponies in the front paddock. Tried to get rid of more of that hay, but they did not like it today either. Gary helped me with chores.

We were finished by 9 and he went down to Java for coffee and a walk with Randy.

Did a few things around the house, had lunch, read the paper with my butt in the fire and finally took a shower as we were going to see a movie with the Botts.

(This was a scene from the movie...did you see it?)

By the time we were ready to leave, the sun was brilliant!

Justine did chores tonight and Jenny came up for a little dog duty.

We left a little after 3 and drove over to Tinseltown.

The movie we saw was listed on this marquis. Have you figured it out yet?

"It's Complicated."

We laughed so hard. It was splendiferous! Great cast and well done.

When it was over, we got back in our cars and drove down the road....

to Rorbach's. It's a micro brewery/pub.

We were all very satisfied with our meals....

and I would definitely return.

All in all, it was a great way to spend part of our day. Usually Gary does not have much to say about movies, but he sure loved this one. I have to see if there is a sound track as the music was right up my alley. Time to crawl in bed. Night all.


Her site is called Memorable Meanders. She and her husband are expats who are currently in Sudan, where he is completing a job. In a few days they will return to their country home in South Africa. I truly enjoy "traveling" to another countries with all the people I have met.

Jo, thanks for finding my Journal. I posted this picture from last summer so you can see that it is not all snow at Skoog Farm.


Let' see....what kind of textures do we have around us?

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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Chilly willy! 0 at 7am.

Too cold for the dogs to come out to the barn with me.

First I dumped 3 gallons of hot water in the water trough and plugged in the heater. I left the plywood cover on it while I started chores so it would thaw and heat up more quickly.

I put all the hay in the front paddock as the sun was starting to come out and they could catch a break from all the wind we have been having.

There was no new snow, so I didn't have to shovel. Any break is a good one.

Late afternoon I had a grain delivery. Tipper road along.

Dick drives the it right up to the barn and carries it in for me. How lucky can I be?

Lots of blue skies.

This morning, the sun was barely out....

After chores I let the dogs run around for awhile...there are not too many days that they can't go out to the barn with me.

As the day went on it got brighter and brighter.

I think the temperature got up to about 15 degrees.

You know where I was....right next to the fire.

The Amarylis has really taken off.

Phoebe and Gucci kept me company.

Before I went out to do evening chores, the light was amazing.

By the time I got out there (5:00ish), it started to change.

The sun made all the difference today.

As expected, the horses left some of their hay. It takes awhile for them to get used to something different... I only have about 15 more of those bales.

Before you know it, it won't get dark until 6pm.

Got all the ponies tucked in for the night...

and headed back to the house.

I have not been able to get warm today...even with the fire. Time for a nice hot shower.
Night all.