Sunday, January 3, 2010


This wind chill stuff has got to come to an end! Fortunately, Gary helped me with chores this morning and the dogs had to stay in the house. Too damn cold.

I put the hay next to the barns so the horses would have some protection.

It was as grey as it gets.

We picked up a few inches of snow last night and by 9:30 it started in again.

These horses are real troopers.

They even let Dream stay with them in the front paddock.

I did not get in the house until 11 as I did some shoveling in the driveway (which Gary finished when he got home from coffee).

After lunch (a healthy lifestyles turkey and swiss sandwich with honey mustard on Oatnut bread, with pickles and pretzels) I decided to go out and put the horses in for awhile.

I think they were ready.

They each got a flake of hay and some warm water.

They deserved a break.

My cheeks were mighty red. Needless to say, I headed for the fire.

Worked on dinner, fed the dogs their usual topped with some homemade chicken soup.

It's pretty bad when you have to show pictures of your dogs eating!

I was not into taking pictures today.

Justine and Darrin did chores tonight.

So I cut up some potatoes, carrots and onions and roasted them for dinner.

Gary made us veggie burgers with lots of onions...and it was time to eat.

I took a steaming shower and am going to finish this up so I can watch the cooking channel at 8.
The chef for the White House will be competing on Iron Chef and Michelle Obama is going to be there (doing what I don't know). You know me and the food channel.

Night all. Gotta go now.


Anonymous said...

The veggie burgers look good - what type do you use or do you make your own?

restoration42 said...

Oh dear! Just looking at your pictures makes me want to reach for a jacket. Probably I shouldn't mention that the horses were taking sun baths in the general pasture today. Gotta say, you sure know how to fix up tasty looking food to help keep your body warm from the inside out.

Gayle said...

Oh that awful wind! I hope it is gone soon. (Yes, I am very much enjoying the fire!).

Lisa & Gerald said...

mmmm looks so yummy..It's been cold here to with lots of snow..Hope you have a wonderful day..

Grey Horse Matters said...

I know what you mean about cold and windy. With the wind we were down to single digits and it's not stopped snowing since New Year's eve. Today(Monday) is the first day the sun is out. Not only have the horses had enough but so have I. Your food always looks so yummy and healthy.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

oh, your cooking looks scrumptious! My husband has been helping me with chores too. Luckily all the horses are together on a round bale. A large water tank stays full for the week. Your horses look warm and cozy with their blankets on. All I can say is I would love eating at your place!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm loving this Alice Gomez song. I love flute music. So pretty and peaceful.

I swear I may need tostop coming over here to visit. Everytime I leave I am so insatiably hungry from all your amazing food pictures. And I can't fix the hungries because I don't have the ingredients nor any hope of creating the same dish as well as you. wah!

Stay warm! I just threw on another layer...not because it's that cold here (it's in the upper 30's), but because I feel somehow colder now after reading your blog post. heheh!