Saturday, January 2, 2010


This is what it looked like in California a couple of days ago! Horse pals in this area...remember Terri B. who used to live on Gallup Road? After being on the West coast for several years, she finally is able to have her horses at home. That is a real accomplishment out there. On the left is Angel (they have owned her for many years). On the right is 11 yo Hanovarian (their new horse and companion for Angel). I could not be happier for Terri.

In Brockport, on the other hand, the temperatures today were super arctic! About 8 or 9 with plenty of wind to make it even colder.

Our little herd spent the whole day outside. I opened the indoor for them...they had two run ins and a 60' shed roof and the meatballs did not use any of them.

The sky was very overcast and for a few minutes you could see the sun trying to peek through.

I fed a lot of extra hay today.

Around one I felt sorry for Dream, who would not come back into the paddock (Gary informed me that Abbe was keeping her out) I closed a gate and gave her and Winnie one of the run ins and a small pasture. They never went out...just stayed in an ate hay. Smart. Were my horses that smart? Nooooooooo.

After chores (Gary helped again) I shoveled the driveway for as long as I could stand it. The wind got so bad my body started to get cold.

The pups and I made a quick run into Wegmans.

It snowed off and on.

The sun came out for a few minutes while I was in the store.

It kept the car warm for Phoebe and Gucci.

It's a darn good thing I have these plants in the kitchen....

as they really can brighten up your day.

We had a good fire going. Gayle (Alaska), you are going to love having your new stove. I hope Homer gets it going real soon.

Justine did chores tonight and I had her put the horses in early. They deserved a break.

Made a salad and had leftover spags from last night. I am quite out of gas.

I sat in the rocking chair next to the stove...

and the dogs would not leave me alone...but it's so nice that they care!

I think I'll go tune into the weather report for tomorrow. Night all.


Anonymous said...

A rocking chair near the fire sounds pretty good to me right now - I'm hoping for a wood stove soon!

Gayle said...

We had our first fire in it last night and I couldn't tear myself away from it. At one point I was all snuggled in with four dogs in my lap! Now if only my laptop worked...I'd never leave the fire! Hope your wind dies down. I think wind has got to be the worst. (We rarely get any).