Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The Skoog Farm Workshop exhibition is going up tomorrow. Please join us for the opening on Saturday, April 3rd from noon to 2. Great refreshments and beautiful work.


The morning started off modestly...a little fog out back. You had to know it was going to be a beautiful day...just felt like it.

Renee, this is Bermuda...the only remaining cat at Skoog Farm. He gets fed before I go out to the barn.
If I didn't have to do chores, I could have taken many photos with this kind of light.
Phoebe put herself in a patch out in the barn.

The sheets came off before the horses were turned out (and I hope they stay off). Their halters went on so they would be easy to catch when the farrier arrived.

By 10, Gar and I were at the chorus rehearsal.
There's Tom. We worked hard and made some progress today.

This is what the Canal looks like out the window . As you can see, the water level has not been raised yet. Every year they drain it at the end of the boating season. We are very lucky to have the Sweden Senior Center located on it's banks.
I picked up a couple cartridges for my printer on the way home, ate lunch and John arrived to trim the horses feet. He and Gary enjoyed chatting while I rounded up the ponies.
As per usual, Duncan was along for the ride.
He joined us in the barn.
All of the horses are pretty good for the farrier...I cross tie them and they usually behave.
John and Duncan took a little break. Do they love each other or what?
John takes special care with PC and his bum knee. Today he massaged both of his front legs.
PC seems pretty comfortable with his foot up on the stand, but he can't bend it backwards.
He is 31 and the Pone (below) is 30. They are both a little stiff, but remain cooperative.
Duncan was very patient.
When John was done I swept out the grooming room and PC decided to come back in. The lamp on the tack trunk is turned on by touching it. He was nosing around and touched it once to turn it on and again to turn it off. Weird! Then he went and stood where he had been cross tied for about 5 minutes. He must have wanted another massage from John. Like a big, dirty, hairy dog.
Gucci and Phoebe were in the back yard and wanted to go out and play with Duncan.

When I got in the house, Gar suggested that we go out and grab a bite. How could I refuse?
About 5 minutes after we arrived at Stone's, we heard live music coming from the back of the restaurant.
It was a string quartet playing at the 48th anniversary of a couple. Totally out of character for this townie haunt. Of course I did not remember to take photos of our food before it was destroyed. I had a Pittsburgh Steak Salad and Gary stuck to meat, potatoes and a salad.
The temperature had to approach 60 today. It was still gorgeous when I went out to do chores.
I will continue to feed the horses around 7, until it really warms up. Then I will grain them at 5 and put them back out for hay. They usually go in before I go to bed.
Be it morning or night, there always seem to be "plane tracks" in the sky.

Before I put the horses in, I picked the pasture.
They kept me company.

Got in the house about 8.
Tomorrow is going to be another special day. At 10 we are setting up the art show at the library and going out to lunch. If all works out, around 4 I will get to meet one of my blogging friends, who is driving up to this area from Kentucky (Punkin's Patch). I told her if she ever came up this way she had an open invitation for dinner. A yummy one awaits. What an opportunity. There are so many of you I would like to meet face to face.

I better get crackin' on some house cleaning.
Night all.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Good morning! A nice sunrise along with a hard frost.

We are in for some warm days starting tomorrow...up to 80!!!! by the weekend.
I wanted to take off the pony's sheets, but the breeze made it very cold (so I didn't).
When I opened the barn door, Dream went out and rolled in the mud again.
After chores (which were so simple this morning) I had to go to the bank and run a couple of errands. Just when the pups and I were getting in the car, I looked out in the paddock and there were all the horses standing in the water in the outdoor arena (pond).
For a minute there, I thought Abbe was actually going to roll in the water.
Instead, she started to paw. Remember when she used to chase Dream? Now they are good pals.

My class arrived at 1:30. Connie stopped by with some of her work for the art show. Tina helped her unpack it.
Here is a preview of what is going to be in the show.

The painting above is in progress, the rest are finished.

Connie is producing some beautiful work. She has a fabulous studio in her home and obviously spends a lot of time there.
Mel plays the guitar, so I had to show him mine. I really have to toughen up my fingers so I can attempt to play it again.

Tina finished her bunnies.

Deb spent last weekend in Schenectady and started a painting of the Mohawk River (for her book).

Donna is doing a colored pencil drawing of a cat.

Mel has started a colored pencil drawing of a bird.

And while all this was going on, Gary was out in the kitchen painting thank you post cards. He works in the style of an "outsider" artist and really enjoys doing this.
I must say that he is improving like crazy this week...even drove his car today. The first 5 or 6 days were tough, but he is tough. No pain meds, no nothin.
This was his late afternoon snack (mine too).
Around 6:15 Barb P. and her husband arrived with a load of sawdust. Barb K-S was already out in the paddock with her horse (Dream).

I put the horses in so we could back the truck up to the overhang. There's my boy....
Got them tucked in quickly....

Then we started to move in the sawdust. We can get a heaping truckload for $35.
The new stall is loaded...the ritz. Barb's horse is going to love it.
The remainder was divided throughout the barn. A little difficult with the horses in the stalls eating.
It was getting late and the sun was low on the horizon.

Headed back to the house at 7:20.

Another very late dinner.
Leftover pasta sauce on elbows.
Did you eat yet Coyote?
Now I need to take a very hot shower so I can get ready to watch "A Good Wife."
Night all.