Thursday, March 31, 2022

We Did Not Hit 70...

In the 50s when I went out to the barn.  We had sunshine, rain and very heavy winds.  The high was 64. I have been leaving the gate open in the horse barn so Rebel and Seamus and go in the stall at the end of this aisle whenever they want to.  They were there when I went out to do evening chores.

Seamus got more bedding and his stall is getting deeper and deeper.
Needless to sheets today.

They looked pretty good this morning as they got brushed.

By 1pm I was at the library to play bridge.  My partner was John M. and we tied for 2nd.  This is such a nice break from the news.
I stopped at Wegmans on the way home and went out to do chores at 6.  These two photos were taken as the ponies saw me and came out of their new favorite hideout.  The blurry look.

Seamus is winning the muddy award regularly.

When it stopped raining, Gary put together his 3rd raised bed.
Late morning I made meatballs and sauce as it was too late to start cooking by the time I was going to get home.  So hungry for a meatball sandwich!

Big yum! Met my expectations.
Night all.


Wednesday, March 30, 2022

It's Always Something....

A cold start, but we ended up in the 40s.

The sky was gorgeous for a few minutes.

We rehearsed here today and it went very well.

By now you have heard every song I've recorded so I'm giving you the night off.
Little Wonder took it easy while we were playing.
Evening chores.....

(Today Seamus gets the prize for the most mud).

and a replay for dinner.
I sure would appreciate spring getting here and staying here.  Really need some sunshine and a return to feeling "normal."
Night all.


Tuesday, March 29, 2022