Friday, March 11, 2022

The Calm Before The Next Arctic Blast

We had some sunshine part of the day and the temperature was 46 degrees by afternoon.  Right now it's raining and should start to snow about 11, getting very cold and windy tomorrow morning.

I went out to the pastures to check on some of the fencing and put rope on as a deterrent for the peanut.  Have ordered new fence boards to make some repairs.

After chores I had enough energy to load the wheel barrows with sticks from the wind storm.  We have many more to pick up.

At our last She Sings we were talking about tuna fish and I said I don't eat it anymore, but I used to love it with water chestnuts.  Lori Staubitz suggested making it with garbanzo beans so today I gave it a try.  The beans (drained and mashed with a fork), water chestnuts, scallions, lemon juice, salt, pepper and mayo.

Made a sandwich and included lettuce and tomatoes.
Pretty darn good!  The next time I will add more lemon juice.
Also made a huge bean salad.  It filled three jars.
That was about it for being productive.  Once the fire is going, Little Wonder and I are goners.  I started watching a new series and it was all I could do to

go out and do evening chores.  Of course they were full of mud!

We needed a pasta fix.....

and it really hit the spot.
Night all.


Tomorrow night we set our clocks ahead an hour.


Nancy J said...

The US weather storm must be severe when we get news of the warnings down here. The headlines flew across our TV yesterday, and when I checked with Mr Google Weather??? He said it would be severe across central and eastern US. Looked again and there you were, right in the roadway. Stay safe. and I hope no more roof or fencing damage. Little Wonder, and the ponies, stay inside.

Val Ewing said...

Time change!
I think I am looking forward to it. I piled sticks this year from a few windstorms near the bird feeder and it was fun to see the Junco's use it as shelter from the wind.

Your meals are incredible.

Our pony, Little Richard used to be an escape artist. There was nearly No fence in the world that could keep him in!

Sandra said...

The weather has been a real roller coaster ride. You spaghetti and meat balls looks good!