Thursday, March 17, 2022

I'll Take It...71 degrees!

A perfect day for the ponies to be naked.

Gary started off the morning picking up all the piles of sticks he raked yesterday....
and a little before 9 the adjuster came to look at our barn roofs.
When he left I took a quick shower and headed to Batavia for a dentist appointment.  Grabbed this shot as I headed past the farm and drove straight to the library for duplicate bridge at 1. So nice not to see snow.
Home around 4:30 and had a lot to do as Jenny, Scott and the boys were coming for dinner.
It felt so good outside and the grounds been drying up.

I squeezed in evening chores at 6...

and they arrived at 6:30.
We had fried cabbage, grilled ham with a brown sugar and mustard glaze...
grilled pineapples....
homemade applesauce....
and Scott and Jenny made scalloped potatoes.

Lots of chatter after dinner (Cooper had come straight from baseball practice).
I need a break tomorrow.
Night all.


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