Saturday, March 26, 2022

Some Good News Today

It was a very dull day with just a little sunshine and plenty of wind.  May go down to the teens tonight.

Chores as usual and afterward I did some laundry and worked on the bedroom.  After that it was a cozy fire and hanging out. 

We are going to be able to put metal roofs on both of our gambrel roofed barns and hopefully that will be done in April.  It sure will perk them up and I don't want to see another flying shingle.
When it was time for evening chores, Rebel and his pony were in the big pasture.  Rebel heard me when I came through the gate and he ran to the front paddock.  When Seamus realized this, he also flew in.

While I tucked them in, Gary drove down to Barber's to pick up Balboas.  No cooking tonight, we are celebrating the opportunity to have our barn roofs replaced!
Night all.



Nancy J said...

Celebrate in style, that calls for Champagne!!! The little one, he is so sure he will not get left behind, what a flyer.

Sandra said...

Congratulations on the roofs. Insurance denied our claim. It's getting more difficult to collect on insurance. Nothing beats a fire and the comfort of your pets.