Thursday, March 3, 2022

Going Down to 5 Degrees Tonight and Up to 63 On Sunday!

We are still on the weather merry-go-round.  In 10 more days Daylight Saving Time begins and that is going to make quite a difference.  We had some sunshine today but the wind kept us in an Arctic mode.

I woke up the sleeping beauty around 7:15....
and after he ate his breakfast (and the cats were fed) we headed out to the barn.

So cold.  I put some hay in the small pasture so Rebel and Seamus could feel the rays.

I'm sure LW appreciate his red coat.

At 1 I went down to the library to play duplicate bridge.  It was the first time since last year and felt so good.  My partner and I came in second.
On the way home I did some serious shopping at Wegmans and did not get back to the farm until 5.  I quickly made some warm beet pulp for the ponies, cut up some carrots, filled a couple gallon jugs with hot water and was off to the barn.  Rebel and Seamus could not wait to get in their stalls.

Fortunately we had some leftover corn chowder so dinner was pretty simple.

It looked like this around 6:30.
Now it's time to get out by the fire with my buddy.

Night all.

I have been collecting images supporting the people in Ukraine.  What they are going through has me in tears every day.


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Nancy J said...

The flowers with a flag flying in tatters, beautiful tribute.I saw how well the Romanians are looking after all the people as they come across the border, clothes, hot soup and bread, a toy for each child, and then further on maybe in another small village, a whole building set up with clothes sorted out and so much more. We might think it is cold here, but over there, by bus, car or on foot, the conditions are tragic.I am trying so hard to focus on all things positive, and your ponies and LW are the magic touch.