Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Not My Day

The morning was not too bad.  Around 30 degrees.

After chores I got a call saying there was a cancellation and I could get in for and appointment with my Eye Doctor at 5.  Definately some changes in my vision.  At 3 I was able to wrangle a regular appointment with my Primary Care Doc as I have not been feeling normal and wanted to have something checked out. Neither made me very happy, but at least I had confirmation.
I did not get home until 6:30 and had left instructions for Gary to let the ponies in a feed them.  He has not had to do that for years, and now he knows exactly what to do.  I went out to the barn to check on everything and all was well.

No appetite tonight so I had tomato soup with crackers and a cup of leftover Mac salad.
The sunset was beautiful.
I think I need a brain transplant!
Night all.



Nancy J said...

I can't help with the transplant idea, hope the appointments were not too worrying.Like Hugh doing dinner on the Weber, it is SO good when the men can take over what we once did every day, morning till night.You will laugh, years ago when I was in hospital, Hugh phoned, and I had to tell him how to use the washing machine!!!The staff all laughed, and after that, had written instructions pinned on the wall.Maybe I should do it again, just in case.....???

Val Ewing said...

I sure hope you are able to figure out what is going on to be able to feel better.