Tuesday, March 15, 2022


We were in the high 30s today and it was very grey...but... not much wind and no rain before evening chores were done.

Seamus and his horse were sharing breakfast.
Little Wonder was nude all day and wandered out of the back pasture twice.  I think he is going to throw up tonight.

Gary had Yoga, went out to lunch and then to a meeting.  My pals and I started the fire around lunch time and that was that for the afternoon.

I got dinner together and then went out to tuck in my buddies.  They actually had some pasture time today.

Yep.  They rolled.  Tomorrow we should be in the low sheets and hopefully sunshine.
While I finished making dinner, Gary continued raking up sticks that were blown down in the last wind storm.

Dinner was delicious.  Salad, pork cutlets and brown rice.
Night all.


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