Sunday, October 31, 2010


A grey, but calm.

Barb and Gar helped with chores, and by 9:15 we were off to Brockport.

To the North and West the skies were black....yet right around us it was very bright.

That dark blue on the horizon is Lake Ontario.


This was the last day for the farm market...and look who was there!  This is Flame, an Alpaca that lives down the road with his 12 buddies.  His owner was there selling hats, socks, mittens, scarves and much more.


He was beautifully sheared and groomed....very friendly.

You can go to their website to see what is available.

It was bitter for the vendors who had to stand out in the cold for many hours.

This squash reminded me of an octopus.

Today I bought cauliflower....half a bushel of squash...

All these sweet red peppers for two bucks... tomatoes, and of course, donuts (for the last time).

Afterward, we went over to Java for breakfast.  Bobbi (one of the owners) had on a fairy costume.  She borrowed the wings from her daughter....sweet.

Next, we dropped off some donuts for Finn and Coop...who were helping their Mom carve pumpkins.

Here I thought I was feeling better, and I felt whipped.

Picked some fresh flowers for the house and hit the couch.  I could have slept all afternoon.

Gary worked on his boots....while Sidney supervised.

I finally got up,  and checked on my computer before going out for evening chores...

I have been putting the horses in just before dark, unless it is really lousy outside.  Much to my surprise, Barb had already tucked them in before I even got out there.

We have had hundreds of geese flying overhead...have you?

Gar and I went to Brockport to check out the Halloween Scene (below) and for now, I'm done.
Night all.


Nothing serious...but very cold for the trick or treaters.

The kids were out in force....

We went down to Jenny's to check out Finn and Coop.

There is a tremendous amount of activity in that neighborhood.



Checking out the loot.


A good friend of mine (Terri) moved to California several years ago.  She took her horses with her and boarded them at a couple of different places, always wishing that they could eventually buy a property with enough land for her to bring them home.  Unfortunately, she lost one of her horses that had been in training with one of our horses.  Charlie and Target spent some time together doing classical dressage and now they are both gone.  Anyway, Terri picked up another horse...was able to move to her dream property and has put up one of the most interesting little barns I've seen.

Here it is!

A nice overhang .
Two big stalls with plenty of good ventilation...

This is under the overhang....the door is to the storage area.

Simple and very functional.

These doors slide over the back openings of the stalls in case of heavy winds or rain.

If you are in the barn building mode...this seems like one of the better plans to me.  (Even if you are in the East it would be perfect for a couple of lucky ponies).   You did a great job with this Terri!

I just got the following message....

"Mitch and I designed it to suit the climate out here. We even put skylights in the tack/feed room. Even all the lights and outlets are solar powered. We had the metal divider and doors and back panels made to fit by a local welder. It took a while to plan, but it’s worked out beautifully. What I really love is that if they are in their stalls with the back doors open, the stalls dry out very quickly. We also put 8 inches of stone down, then covered that with landscape cloth and then put down 8-10” of sand. It’s soft for them to sleep on but drains well."

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Gary and I planned to go to a Political Rally in Rochester with our daughter, Jennifer, at 8:30 this morning.  That meant I had to do chores early.  It was still very dark when I got up and went out to the barn.

Of course King Mustafa headed for the hay as soon as I opened the barn doors.

By the time all the ponies finished their grain it was light enough to see the hay I put out in the pasture.

Jen was here on time with coffee and bagels, and we headed into Rochester.

Joe Morelle, who is running for State Assemblyman, did a great job hosting the event. 

There were many familiar faces in the crowd.  Here is Jenny with Tiffany, who has worked hard in many prior campaigns and now is with Habitat for Humanity.

Our friend Carrie was taking pictures from the other side of the room.

Rochester is the only place in the state were all the top candidates attended a rally at the same time.

Joe introduced Andrew Cuomo first...he made a lot of sense to me, and is so much more positive than his opponent.

Then Mayor (of Rochester) Duffy spoke.  He and Cuomo make a good team....of course the people at the rally were very supportive (and loud in their welcome).

Louise Slaughter's home is in this area and she is a frequent visitor.  Well respected here and in Washington.... the community always gives her a very warm welcome.

Wilmot and Bronson were among many other local candidates to be recognized.

Then it was Gillibrand's turn.  She took Hillary Clinton's place two years ago.  She does her homework and it is very evident when she speaks.


Last, but not least, was Chuck Schumer...the crowd loved him.

We rode home with Carrie as Jenny had a lot of campaign work to do.

Gar built a nice fire and I went down to Wegmans to buy some groceries.  When I got back to the farm I watched a movie (Breaking and Entering) and started on dinner.  BBQued boneless country spare ribs.

Barb did chores tonight...I went out to check on the ponies.  The sunset was gorgeous.

When Sid and Seymour came in for dinner, I brought Bermuda to show him the kitty suite...but he wanted no part of it and headed toward the door.

Our dinner turned out great...perfect comfort food.  Spinach salad, Ribs and baked sweet potatoes.

By the way,  I didn't have it in me to go drumming at the college today...but I am seriously thinking about painting the bottom of my djembe drum.  Do you know Susie of Arabia (her blog is one of my links)?  Below is a photo of several drums that she painted.  I think I need to do this!

Tomorrow is another day...I'm starting to feel much better and will start kicking some butt!

Night all.