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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yikes! We woke up to our first hard frost!

 It's a darn good thing there was plenty of sunshine.

Barb helped with chores and I was in the house before 9. 

Jumped in the car and went down to the Town Park to catch some shots of Finn playing his last flag football game of the season.

Hooked up with Jenny, Gary and Pat...it was pretty crispy!  Finn seemed very happy with the way things were going.

Cooper was under a big blanket trying to stay warm.

From there, I went to the Farm Market.  We are so lucky to live in an area that is rich with all kinds of produce.

I bought fried cakes, red cabbage and a squash.  Tomorrow I want to make squash soup (with apples).

When I drove around the block, I saw Stewart outside of A Different Path putting up a sign.  Figured this should be the day for me to buy those crazy socks...and went in.

As Helen would say (over in Scotland) "aren't they just fab?"

There was an opening there this past Friday, so I went in to check out the show.

Loved it!

I was making something new and different for dinner and called up Deb and Tom to see if they wanted to give it a try.  It was almost 5pm and they were game.

In the meantime, Jack and Louise stopped over for a cup of tea.

Made a simple salad...and modified a recipe I saw on "Susie's Big Adventure."  Susie is currently living in Saudi Arabia and this is one of their favorite dishes.

The bottom layer is fried or baked eggplant.  Next is a ground beef mixture with onions, garlic (I added a red pepper and four plum tomatoes) dill, basil, parsley, salt and pepper.  On the top is  yogurt mixed with some dill.

Deb brought along some squash that she had started and I dragged out some pickled beets (one of Tom's favorites).  Normally would have served this with Syrian bread but I didn't have any....so, grilled English muffins.  Sounds like a UN dinner doesn't it?  Thank you Deb, for also supplying us with a delicious apple crisp for dessert.

I can see why Susie loves this meal...I'd make it again in a heart beat.

Yes!  I did feed the ponies tonight!  Just before we sat down to eat.

Now, I have to show you some shots of Sidney and Seymour who refused to stop posing for me.

Such hams!
Night all.


  1. Our weather was just the opposite with highs in the mid-80s! I want a pair of the solemate socks. One of the local stores here carries them too. Cute kitty photos!

  2. Frost! Oh no...I am never ready for that. Although I better start preparing myself. Seymour and Sidney are quite the pair. Beautiful shots.

  3. Oh, those cats! They are just the coolest boys.

  4. Hello Lori. I liked your first photo of frost on a thistle (?)
    We havend' had a frost yet, I'm glad to say. Colours on the trees are beginning to look a bit autumnal, but so far it's been a mild and fairly pleasant one (autumn, that is).
    Warm (aptly) regards, Mike and Ann.

  5. Dear Lori
    What a busy day you had.....I can't believe that you had frost already! We have much cooler mornings and evenings in Florida and I love it!
    I love those colorful socks! Dinner looks delicious!
    Sweet kitty cats!
    I :)

  6. Hi Lori - I had seen this post back when you did it - I'm so glad you tried my recipe and put your own spin on it. And I saw that you tried it again! I was having major computer problems and I tried for days to comment, but I wasn't able to. Finally my computer just crashed, so it went into the shop.
    You lead such an active and interesting life - the animals, the art, the music, the food, the friends. I'm sure you know how blessed you are. I enjoy living vicariously through your adventures!
    Email me at: susieofarabia@gmail.com
    and I'll send you some photos of some djembe drums that I custom painted!


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