Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Post # 7016 The Indoor Got Used Today

 We had 1 1/2 inches of rain starting last night.  Needed it.

Because it was so cold and rainy, She Sings practiced in the indoor today.
It works out well, as they can all drive right inside to unload their equipment.
The acoustics were great, but I could not get any decent recordings.

When everyone left, Karen arrived to ride Elliott and I decided to ride with her.

Rebel is a very good sport to put up with me since I have not ridden much in a long time.
Today he responded well to some lateral work.  Hopefully Jenny will ride him again soon.

By late afternoon the sun came out but it was barely 60 degrees.

By the time I finished riding it was too late to think about starting dinner,
so we had power bowls.

Night all.


For the record, I would say that last nights "debate" was a total disaster.
Trump planned his attack to throw Biden into a tizzy, the moderator should have stopped
asking questions until they agreed to be respectful, and our country looked ridiculous.
If they can't get a grip on the process, we don't need anymore debates.  We are all very
aware of each candidate and their positions as we have been listening to them 24/7.
I keep thinking of things I would have said if I were Joe Biden....that is if I could have
gotten a word in.  And while I am at it....regardless of who is on the Supreme Court, they
are not there to protect the president, they are supposed to act with integrity on each case
that comes before them.  If they cave to the President, they will lose their credibility and it will
be very obvious.  So VOTE, and hope that every state is prepared to protect it's residents
in case there is violence.  We are headed for a wild ride.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Post #7015 It's "Fall"ing Outside

We had a little rain last night.  It's been so dry around here the leaves have started falling.

I put out all the political signs I picked up yesterday.
Our next door neighbor has several on his porch and one is a big banner
for our current president....2020 no more B---Sh--.
He has had to put up with my signs for many years so I am still
happy to give him tomatoes!

We have a gigantic black walnut tree in our front yard and now the lawn is covered with
thousands, and I mean thousands of nuts.  You can't walk in the grass without rolling your ankle.

I started gathering them and it could take over 20 wheel barrow loads to move them all.

After a few days with a foot problem, I was feeling pretty good this morning
and ended up moving 50 bales of hay.  I was going to have Gary do it,
but got carried away.

My massage therapist stoped by after work and I sent her home with
peppers, eggplant, tomatoes (red and green), celery, greens, carrots,
rhubarb, strawberries and raspberries!  All organic.

We had a simple dinner.  Yellow squash and zucchini with caramelized onions and Romano cheese.
A salad....
and white hots.

Night all.