Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Day Of The Condor....

Another cool morning.


Much of the day ended up being grey and we had some rain.

Once again I picked a ton of tomatoes.
And this is the end of the squash.
I decided to roast all the red peppers

added some balsamic vinegar, evoo and Greek olives.

Tomorrow I have to get some feta cheese and will finish it off with chives.

After it poured, about a dozen turkey vultures landed on the two barns to dry off.

My friend Lori Staubitz brought over some grapes
and hydrated tomatoes.
She's going to dry some for me.
Added some sauce to last nights meatballs and we had
pasta and a salad for dinner.
Just before the Kentucky Derby I went out to feed the horses.

  No fancy hats this year.
As per usual, I was very relieved that all horses and riders made it with no injuries.
Actually, I'm not that hot for racing or many other sports that involve animals.

Night all.


As many of you may have noticed, Rochester is in the news all day long.  This is going to turn into a real mess for all those who were aware of what happened and kept their mouths shut.  What happened to civility?  I don't know anyone who wants violence and destruction...nor do they think looting and burning down buildings should be ignored.  It is my humble opinion that there are two that wants to protest peacefully, and one that wants to cause trouble and make the protestors look guilty.  What a very sad state of affairs.  It's getting harder and harder to keep my mouth shut.

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Nancy J said...

Sad beyond belief ,Lori, how could anything like this happen these days? Everyone deserves justice, no matter how ill they might be. Take comfort in your family, your horses and the doggies, and I hope friends rally together , I truly cannot imagine how I would feel if that happened down here. XXXX