Friday, September 30, 2022

Rice and Beans

A crisp, beautiful day.  37 when I went out to the barn.

After chores I washed a horse blanket, got my hair cut and took a short break.

I have called the guy I buy my hay from for the past 5 weeks and so far he has not delivered.  I should have enough for the year by now and today I started looking for other options.
I like getting second cutting grass and if he keeps lollygagging it will all be gone.
I managed to wrangle a truckload and have a delivery coming tomorrow morning.  If I like it, will buy more.
Our friend Mary Pat arrived at 2:30 for the night and we have been chatting non stop.
Evening chores at six....

then we sat by the fire and 
eventually had dinner.
Rice and beans with a nice salad.
Taking it easy for the rest of the evening.
Night all.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

"Prepare For Departure"

A semi busy day.  After chores I ran some errands then Gary and I worked on the upstairs as we are going to have a couple of guests off and on over the next week.  Our friend Mary Pat will be here tomorrow and in a few days we will be hosting a clinician for a Dressage clinic being held at the Renaissance Equestrian Center.  Are we the new B&B in the neighborhood?

Brilliant sunshine but only around 55 degrees.

After lunch Little Wonder and I went out to pick some raspberries.
With all that sunshine....Seamus chose to stand in the shade under his tree.  Fortunately he seemed to be back to normal today.

The light was so good around 5 I had to take some more photos.
After Gary did all the windows and washed the floors, the upstairs was looking pretty good.
We used to have 4 bedrooms up and one down, but now we turned this one into a sitting room and the one off the bathroom has a desk in it and lots of Gary's stuff.
The sleigh beds are antiques and last night Jenny and Scott brought us a couple of mattresses to replace the ones that came with the beds (ancient and saggy).

This quilt is at the top of the stairs and was made by my art students many years ago.  They were all senior citizens and most had never done this.

I really needed a nap, but had to take a shower and do chores 

before going down to the Morgan Manning House for a book signing and lecture by author Mark Chestnut.  "Prepare for Departure" was written about the relationship he and his Mom had and it was especially meaningful to all in attendance as we knew Eunice, as she had been the historian for the Morgan Manning House for decades.
The crowd was made up of the usual suspects.

Two people showed up with the male and female versions of the same shoes!  So sweet!  And they were not there together!

Almost dark when we got home.
Night all.