Sunday, September 4, 2022

TaDaaaaa! I Finally Got On The Rebel!

 Today felt like fall.  In the 60s with spritzing off and on.  Very dark.  It's 7:48 and pitch black out there.

After chores I raked the indoor as Jenny was coming up to ride The Rebel...

then I went into the grooming room and cleaned my tack.
She arrived at 1 and we went out to get him....
Seamus and Ronin could not understand why they were not invited and ran around making a lot of noise.
Rebel called out a few times at the beginning, but then they all settled down.  This is the first time Seamus was without his big brother.

Janet was here to watch and Scott came along with Jenny.  She walked Rebel around the arena once, then got on and it was like old times.  He had not been ridden since last year.
The last time Jenny rode him, he was not sound.  Today he was much better, but very slightly off.  He did not complain or seem unhappy
Ronin tuned in for awhile and Seamus was frustrated as he could not see Rebel.
Seeing that he was being such a good boy, I was comfortable getting on him.  I was hoping to do it on my 79th birthday, but was more than happy to do it today.
My body guard followed us the whole time.

I sure appreciate Jenny taking the time to do this for me.  Now, I would like to start riding him more regularly....even if we just walk.  Can't tell you how fortunate I am to have a horse that is this sweet and so steady.

There were plenty of pears and carrots to go around when we were finished.

As soon as I got back in the house, my friend Carol called to say she and Topper were coming up for some tomatoes.  They went home with a basket full of San Marzanos, the orange ones and some cherries....along with leeks and cucumbers. 
I've been trying to get Carol on my trike and she finally did!

After they left I made another zucchini/onion pie but used yellow squash.

Popped it in the oven and went out to do chores.

Janet and Ronin were doing some stretching on the way to his suite.

Anything for a carrot....
I have loved having her here....Ronin too.
Dinner was delicious.

Little Wonder had scrambled eggs.
Night all.


Terra said...

I like hearing about the personalities of your horses and how they don't like to be separated. That was great you got to ride Rebel, and you have a nice arena for all weather riding.

Val Ewing said...

Wonderful that you got to ride Rebel! Whoo Hoo!

Sandra said...

Look at you!! The two of you look as if you've been doing this everyday.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I'm so glad you had a good ride :-D. He's such a nice boy. Happy belated birthday!