Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Jackie, Ronin and Sides

Another dark day. In the 60s with misting off and on, but not a lot of rain.  The grass is growing like crazy.

Around 10 I went out to the Studio as my friend Jackie (a friend from drumming who is moving to Florida this month) had bought a Uke and never learned how to play it.

Little Wonder joined me while I got things set up and played a few songs.

Since we were starting from scratch, I taught Jackie 4 chords that she could use for many different songs.  Diagramed them and showed her some Doo Wop numbers that would work.  She was very familiar with them so we sang a few.  It was a good time and she is going to keep in touch with some videos.
Janet had an appointment with a saddle fitter at 12:30 and I went out to listen, learn and take some photos.  Ronin's body has changed a lot since mid June.
The Rebel tuned in from the outdoor arena.

I always learn something when I watch and was grateful be able to ask questions.

Here are more photos of my current favorite subject, that I played around with using photoshop elements.  Could he be more beautiful????

I did a little reading when I got back in the house and made some Cowboy Beans for dinner.
Janet was teaching Judo tonight so I tucked the three boys in.

They were ready.
This photo turned out fuzzy, but there is something I like about it.

Our dinner consisted of 3 sides....tomatoes, pasta salad and the beans.  Boy did it ever taste good.
Night all.


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Sandra said...

I would frame and hang that photo! Ronan looks fantastic, life with you suits him. I hope your friend keeps in contact, I don't see the allure of Florida, but I'm unusual. Another good looking dinner.