Saturday, September 3, 2022


It looked like this before 6:30am so I dragged myself out of bed to take some photos.
Played with the next three (Photoshop Elements/artistic/poster edge).

Not so much drama at chore time.

Filled the water trough....great reflections.

These plants will grow anywhere....even in cement.

Gary spent much of the day preparing the area for his next three raised beds.
I worked on laundry, changed the sheets and vacuumed the downstairs.
Just before 5 Little Wonder and I got into our napping positions.
Chores around 6.
Janet had hosed down Ronin and we thought he was going to roll, but it never happened.

Rebel was my good light boy tonight.

Seamus seems to want an invitation to come into the barn for his dinner.

We cleaned every leftover out of the frig and that was ours.  Potato salad, pickled beets, cucumber salad, melon and the last of the Pane bread.  Tasted great!
Night all.


Anonymous said...

Are the horses friends or are they still rivals?
Take Care,

Val Ewing said...

Your meals always look so delicious!

Lori Skoog said...

Kaye, Ronin and Rebel are doing much better now. Seamus has always been good with both.

Sandra said...

Stunning photos! All the boys seem comfortable, they will miss Ronin. I love the clear out the fridge meals.