Sunday, September 18, 2022

Skoog Farm to Skoog Table

A mix of weather today, ending with some spritzy rain.

After chores I cleaned out Gary's storage shed and did some weed whacking by the back door to the barn loft.  We should be getting some hay this week.  I was so hot when I got in the house I took a shower, put on a nightgown and binged my latest Netflix series.  Different from any I have watched and I am hooked.  It is Korean and has subtitles.....EXTRORDINARY ATTORNEY WOO.  So sweet.
Gary returned from Jamestown, where he had a great time meeting with many old friends who were at the Memorial Service for our friend Lizzie.
At 4:30 I decided to pick some tomatoes and a cucumber for dinner.
While I was out there, Seamus kept rolling until he got his mask off.

As I needed to use up these tomatoes I made a quick sauce and everything was from our garden.  Onion, garlic, celery, peppers, and basil.
Cooked it down for an hour and added meatballs and cheese.

Gary picked a quart of raspberries and we will have them later on ice cream.
It was sprinkling when I went out for evening chores.

Dinner was simple and delicious.

Night all.



Anonymous said...

Cute title to your post and so appropriate for all your garden goodness. Kathy

Sandra said...

Seamus! Dinner looks good as usual.

Nancy J said...

What a feast !!! Those raspberries look delicious.