Tuesday, September 13, 2022

A Busy Day For Ronin

The sky was gorgeous when I went out to the barn this morning.

Ronin was turned out third and he looked like he was shot out of a canon.

I raked the arena after chores as Janet was having another appointment at 10 with the saddle fitter, who put together a custom made bridle for Ronin.

It took a long time to fit it to him and he got a little impatient.

When Janet started riding him, he was very gimpy...but after about 15 minutes he improved a fair amount.  He has had more than his share of problems and Janet has done everything possible to help him.  Slowly but surely he is going in the right direction.  This bridle seemed to be a good thing.

The first part of the afternoon was sunny and the grass dried out from the rain last night so I mowed the lawn.  It has been growing like crazy.
I even started working on a path out in the back 40.

At 4:15 Janet and Ronin had a lesson with Dawn C. from the Renaissance Equestrian Center.  She was supposed to ride, but because he was not totally sound they had an in hand lesson.

He was very patient and moved so much better than he did this morning.

I went out for chores around 6.  Janet was teaching her Judo classes so I was in charge of all 3 ponies.
As soon as I got to the barn (even tho the sun was shining) we had a two minute shower.  Little Wonder kept standing in it and I had to entice him into the barn.

Leftovers for dinner.

Night all.

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Sandra said...

Has Ronin had injuries. He is a handsome horse. You've had nice weather, it's been better here but we can use some rain.