Monday, September 12, 2022

Every Man For Himself

Gary went out to lunch and I had bridge here today so no cooking tonight.

This morning it was coolish and humid, pouring a little before noon.

After chores I picked some tomatoes as I was serving open faced sandwiches during bridge (along with a cup of bean salad).  Scrounged a couple apples for the horses while I was at it.

Gary vacuumed the downstairs and cleaned up all of my messes around the kitchen sink.
I made apple Betty for dessert.

Then I roasted some peppers.

Usually we have dried fruit, nuts or chocolate treats while we are playing, but today I served this instead.  First I toasted some Italian bread, then I put on some mayo, a sliced tomato, extra sharp cheddar cheese and a roasted red pepper for a garnish.
Put it under the broiler for a minute and voila.  Simple and so good.

 Eventually we had the Apple Betty with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
My partner and I had great cards.  
Took it easy for awhile after they left and then went out to feed the ponies.  By then it was gorgeous outside.

Night all.



Sandra said...

My first thought is, Gary knows how to use a vacuum? Hang onto him! The open faced sandwiches look terrific, your fellow players had to enjoy that along with dessert.

Michelle said...

Looks/sounds like you had a good time with great food.