Sunday, August 31, 2014


 Don't you hate it when you go into the barn and the air is still and muggy?

 We ended up with a dozen sprinkles and that was about it.

 They opened a new T J Max down near Wegmans, so I had to check it out.  It's nice to have some options in our little town.  Picked up some groceries and as I was leaving Weggies, realized it was time for the Sundays on the Canal final performance.  So...I drove over to the Welcome Center and grabbed a few photos for Gary.  
Today featured "Fever Pitch", an a cappella barbershop quartet.  The wind showed up in all my videos, but I have to tell you...these four men had great voices.

 Carol and Topper stopped in for a little while...loaded them up with veggies and then started getting it together for dinner.
 Jenny and the boys wanted to do a belated birthday meal for us.
 Shish ke bobs...salad

 corn and lomain.

 They even made me a birthday cake.  Devils food with peanut butter cream frosting.  It was actually very light and DELICIOUS.  The boys put on trick candles so I could not blow them out.

 Just before we finished dinner, thecrazysheeplady called with a question about the bruchetta she was preparing for dinner.  Asked her to send me a photo and she did...looks good enough to eat!  Right? Big yum...I'll bet Saint Tim loved it.

 Chores at 7:30.  Karen final had a night off.

 By the time the girls were tucked in,
 we were having a beautiful sunset...and it finally cooled off.

Night all.

Saturday, August 30, 2014