Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Beans and Weiners

The temperature made it to 91 today and with the humidity I was not as energetic as yesterday.

Gary has really gotten in the chore groove and puts Rebel's mask on every morning.

I put Hay nets in the run-in by the fan so Rebel and Seamus could cool off.
Around 10 I got in the car, Gary drove, and we went to the bank and Wegmans.  I'm definately not ready to lift heavy bags of groceries.
When we got back to the farm I made a gigantic batch of bean salad.

Picked some flowers for our kitchen table ... all we have now is iris and lupins.
Little Wonder and I took it easy much of the afternoon
until Pat C. came up for some rhubarb.  We had a nice chat.
Went out to tuck in the ponies after 6.  As soon as they saw me they told me they were ready to get in their cool stalls.

The Rebel has a great view from his windows

A picnic dinner.  Just what I wanted.
Night all.


Monday, May 30, 2022

Day Number 4

This was a good day....high 80s but the house felt cool, friends stopped up and the swelling in my chest must be going down as I felt quite a bit better.   Friday and Saturday I felt amazingly good (leftover drugs from the procedure), Sunday was kind of a downer (happy drugs must have disappeared) and today I felt normal and energetic again.

I sat out on the porch and read for awhile.

Gary was planting more tomatoes and I went over and pulled out some rhubarb to give to Rich and Joan F., who were stopping up this afternoon.

After that, I did nothing.  Watched a movie with Little Wonder....

went out for evening chores with Gary....

and had leftover corn chowder (by Jenny) for dinner.

Night all.